Rather than having a singular genre focus, Beauty in Ruins is a reflection of the imagination, the diversity, and the creativity to be found upon my shelves. Generally, that means a lot of fantasy and horror, along with some space opera and science fiction, with the occasional adventure thriller mixed in. Explicit gore or sexuality is never a problem, and LGBT characters are more than welcome.

Please note that I do not (and will not) read Middle Grade, Young Adult, or New Adult fiction. 

I am pretty much at my limit for review titles as the moment, with a trio of 500-page epics sitting on my desk, a pair of 800-page doorstoppers in hand, and about twenty e-books in queue, but there are a few literary itches I am always looking to scratch:

  1. Bizarre, kinky, twisted, fetish-fueled WTF Friday reads (think Calderwood, Mellick, Lee, Laymon, Everson, etc).
  2. Epic or high fantasy novels, complete with elves, dwarves, dragons, and magic swords (think Weis, Goodkind, Sanderson, and Williams)
  3. Archaeology or paleontology based adventure novels (think Cussler, McDermott, and Gibbins).

I've always been old school in that I prefer to hold a bound novel in my hand, especially if it's a big book where I want to flip between chapters, glossaries, and maps, and I find myself drawn to them even more since my laser eye surgery. I do appreciate the convenience of ebooks, however, and never leave the house without my Kobo. I prefer the ePub format, but I can work with just about anything except pre-press, print-formatted PDFs that just don't convert cleanly.

Unless I have committed to a tour or a pre-release review, I can’t make any promises as to how long it will take me to get a review posted. I try to juggle my review pile no more than 2 months out, but life (and my job) often intervenes to make a mockery of my best intentions.

If you are a publisher looking for advance reviews, or a publicist looking for tour opportunities, please feel free to email me directly (bob [dot] beautyinruins [at] gmail [dot] com).

Otherwise, if you are interested in requesting a review, please complete the form below. Unfortunately, due to the high volume of submissions I cannot guarantee a response, but if the book looks interesting, I will likely get back to you within the week. Even if I can't squeeze in a review at this time, we might be able to look at a guest post or interview.

Before you waste your time filling out the form, don't be a spamhole.