Erotica Book Review: Her Wish. His Command. by B.J. Frazier

Erotica Book Review

TitleHer Wish. His Command.
B.J. Frazier
Publication Date: November 12th 2021
Publisher: B.J. Frazier Publications, LLC
Genres: Erotica

Her Wish. His Command. by B.J. Frazier is a lovingly erotic tale of how two young co-eds evolved an unorthodox sort of courtship into a loving female-led relationship. It's a story about the early days of discovering dominance, exploring kinks, and navigating the complexities of an open relationship.

Grant is an endearing young man, shy and awkward in some respects, but also more competent and mature than his peers. He puts a lot of effort into wooing Rachel, and sex soon leads to romance, which is something for which she's not prepared.

I loved the dynamic between Grant and Rachel, the way they learn and explore together, going from cowboy position on a waterbed to oral exhibitionism at the planetarium, to enthusiastic experiments with bondage and pegging. There's an air of doubt hanging over them, however, fueled by a jealous roommate who is determined to expose Rachel as a cheating slut. The thing is, he's not entirely wrong, and that forces the couple to have an honest, painful conversation about open relationships that threatens to drive a wedge between them.

Frazier does a wonderful job of conveying the emotional dilemma, guiding the couple through relationship dynamics that are new territory for them both. It's much more a female-led relationship than a female-dominant one, fueled by caring and respect, a sentiment that Grant expresses beautifully early on:

"But the way you tease me isn't condescending. It's more like it's, I dunno, banter. Like I'm a part of things."

Beginner stories like Her Wish. His Command. are all too rare in the genre, which is part of the appeal here. It's well-written and nicely detailed, with realistic dialogue and a sensual level of explicitness, populated by characters with whom we can identify, but you don't need to be an experienced fetishist to appreciate it. 

Rating: ♀ ♀ ♀ ♀ 1/2

My sincere thanks to the author for sending me an ARC in exchange for an honest review.