Stacking The Shelves: Week 36

Stacking The Shelves is all about sharing the books we are adding to our shelves, whether they be physical or digital. This includes physical books bought, digital books downloaded, and those titles received for review.

Review Titles

A trio of review titles this week, one courtesy of Planet Scumm and the other two Pink Flamingo Media!

Shed and skin or two and cozy up inside your favorite burrow with PLANET SCUMM #11. Inside, you’ll find stories that wind a serpentine course through the realm between science fiction and fantasy. “SNAKE EYES” was thoughtfully curated by Guest-Editor-in-Chief and Scumm alum Hailey Piper (The Worm and His Kings, Unfortunate Elements of My Anatomy), joined by a guest editorial team of illustrator Maura McGonagle (WITCH comic), Clare Fuller (Saving Daylight Magazine), and our creative director, Alyssa Alarcón Santo.
Planet Scumm 
Aug. 13 2021

Can a handsome, divorced 38-year-old Ph.D. engineering professor accept his first female-led relationship? Can a beautiful, independent, never-married woman in her early 40s find happiness allowing herself to be as vulnerable as she is dominant? THE DOG WHISPERER by Robert W. Connor explores how a loving relationship deepens as trust is earned.
Pink Flamingo Media 
Aug. 9 2021
116 pages

From depraved author Harrison Warwick comes a wicked short story collection of PERVY FEMDOM TALES featuring ballbusting ballerinas, bratty princesses, capricious vixens, and cruel she-devils. Crawl inside the head of Mr. Warwick and be entranced by flirty young women as they taunt poor wretches to apparent doom... or at least a trip to the emergency room. So put on your Femdom goggles and strap yourselves in for an outrageous ride through a strange mind.
Pink Flamingo Media 
Aug. 9 2021
78 pages

New Acquisitions: Paperback Treasures

Just one new purchases this week, but it's a cool one...

Courtesy of The Poisoned Pen bookstore, it's a signed copy of BLOODLESS, the 20th Agent Pendergast novel by Douglas Preston & Lincoln Child, signed by both authors, and with an exclusive set of 4 custom trading cards created specifically for their book launch.

New Acquisitions: Digital Titles

No digital downloads this week...


  1. Ooh I haven't heard of Planet Scumm before, looks intriguing!

  2. LOL giving the side eye to some of these books, probably not for me but I hope you'll enjoy them!


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