GIVEAWAY: 3 Sci-fi /Fantasy Novels with kickass female protagonists!

In honour of International Women’s Day (Sunday March 8th, 2020)

Enter to win three sci-fi/fantasy novels with a kickass female protagonist!

Each book is a classic, must read, introduction to a fantastic series.

Daughter of the Empire, by Raymond E. Feist & Janny Wurts: A political fantasy, the novel is the first book in The Empire Trilogy.

Shards of Honor, by Lois McMaster Bujold: It’s a sci-fi love story. Two middle-aged people, caught in a war they never wanted, fighting for opposite sides.

On Basilisk Station, by David Weber: Newly commissioned captain, Honor Harrington, of the HMS Fearless, is assigned to the worst possible duty in the navy, Basilisk Station, where she ends up uncovering a nefarious plot.

PLUS, just for entering, receive a digital copy of the 144 page, full colour, graphic novel, Alexandra Forever: 2337, by D.W. Richards.

“It’s not just the dialogue that makes this book worth reading. Behind the witty conversations there’s a vast plot unravelling, and beyond that, some serious sci-fi universe building…”

~MyM Magazine, UK

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  1. Cool giveaway! I'm sorry to say I haven't read any of these. But On Basilisk Station is one I'd love to read😁

  2. The Empire Trilogy is amazing. It's what introduced me to Janny Wurts. On Basilisk Station is on my winter reading list.

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