Reading for the 2018 Aurora Awards

Can’t Wait Wednesday - Flame Tree Press Fiction (@flametreetweet)

#Fantasy Review: Skyfarer by Joseph Brassey (@JosephBrassey)

WTF Weekend: Uncovered by L.M. Mountford (@RealDarkinferno)

How Do You Top That? by Gail Z. Martin (@GailZMartin)

Can’t Wait Wednesday - Kill the Farm Boy by Dawson & Hearne (@DelilahSDawson & @KevinHearne)

Writing Advice: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly by R.S. Ford

#Horror Review: Jurassic Florida by Hunter Shea (@huntershea1)

#Thriller Review: Mountain of the Dead by Jeremy Bates (@jeremybatesbook)

#Fantasy Review: The Towers of the Sunset by L. E. Modesitt Jr.

Can’t Wait Wednesday - The Spear of Atlantis by Andy McDermott (@AndyMcDermott ‏)

J. Kent Messum wanders into the Ruins to talk HUSK (#interview)