#Horror Review: The Tides of Reality by Majid Salim (@majid_salim)

The Tides of Reality is a short book, at less than a hundred pages, but it's just the right length for Majid Salim's brand of literary horror. It's a strange little story, quiet and understated, with an air of mystery and confusion.

There is a ship at sea . . . a ship with no name . . . or, at least, none that the crew cannot remember. Its crew are as lost and adrift as the ship itself, struggling to construct some sort of group memory as to who they are, what they're doing and where they're going. Its identity by committee, redefined and unraveled daily.

The book itself is full of questions, both of the characters and of the reader. With no clear idea of what's going on, we're suspicious of them all, wondering who might know something, and who might be hiding the truth. The thought that somebody might know something is the only thing creepier than the possibility that they're all equally in the dark.

While the ending is ambiguous, and I think the story would have worked better to have left it wide open, it's still a solid tale with a lot of atmosphere.


About the Author

Hello, my name is Majid Salim. I am the author of The Tides of Reality.

I live in Birmingham, England with my family. I have been on the radio and published in the Guardian. Before I was a novelist I was a published Computer Scientist. I have met several journalists and public figures, including Madeleine Bunting from the Guardian and the celebrity Abi Titmuss. I have exchanged letters with Boris Johnson, and emails with Bill Drummond. I have been interviewed in magazines and been given press passes to media events.

Before I was a novelist I was a media activist. I created the People's Media Manifesto, which was given coverage by the Disinfo collective in the USA. I sat a screentest for the BBC. My undergraduate dissertation on Blade Runner (I have a joint honours degree in Philosophy) was cited in a prize wining essay at MIT.

The Tides of Reality is literary horror. It was difficult to write as I had to go to very dark places in my mind. I feel like a celebrity most days because of the mass effect of its readers thoughts, influencing me somehow. It was an escalator in my life to many new and interesting life experiences, and knowledge of new hyperrealities.

I have seen the Northern Lights in Iceland, can juggle and can cook a curry from scratch. I have been described by people who know me as very intelligent indeed for my whole life. I am a happy person as I have achieved pretty much everything I wanted to do in life. I feel I have a elegant writing style and hope people enjoy my novels. I believe you need experience to be a good artist and want people to know I am a mature person with many life experiences that influence my art. I feel I have many more things to mention, but most of my very important memories are ones I remember unclearly or not at all.

I hope you enjoy reading my book - check out my other works to if you are interested.

Many thanks!

Majid Salim


About the Book

The Tides of Reality
by Majid Salim

Austin Macauley Publishers are proud to announce an exciting novel by new author Majid Salim, called ‘The Tides of Reality’.

‘The Ship’, whose real name has now long faded into history, sails aimlessly across an ocean. Her crew, mysteriously damned and in a state of permanent stupor appear all but lost to the wider world as they struggle to remember who they are, or even where they are going. Only by working together as a crew, can they figure what is going on aboard the ship and free themselves from their eternal damnation.