What Would YOU Like to See in the Ruins?

Drew (over at The Tattooed Book Geek) did a post last week asking Why are reviews unpopular as blog posts? and it got me thinking.

So much of what he says rings true. We invest a huge amount of time and effort in writing reviews - showcasing the titles we've been sent by authors, editors, publishers, and publicists - but they don't get the same kind of love as other posts.

I have my own thoughts as to why that may be, many of which Drew touches on, including:

  • The title/author/genre may not be of interest
  • You're already reading (or planning to read) and want to avoid spoilers
  • The book is part of a series, and you're not caught up
  • The cover simply doesn't catch your attention
  • You're not interested in e-books of self-published authors

At the end of the day, however, I am less interested in why review posts aren't of interest, and more interested in what would be of interest. I know, that's a lot of interest, but bear with me! :)

I don't generally pay too much attention to the numbers, but I did today, and this is what I found.

  • Where the author is engaged socially, Reviews get the most traffic
  • Where there is no social engagement, Guest Posts & Interviews get the most traffic 
  • Group Memes (like Waiting on Wednesday) get the most comments
  • WTF Reviews get the most Amazon click-throughs

No real surprises there. I would expect better traffic where the author is engaged (they are, after all, their best advocates), and it makes sense that group memes are so active, as there is a lot of cross/reciprocal commenting going on there. As for Amazon clicks, the gang's WTF titles are generally less well-known, so I would expect more curiosity there.

Where things do get a little more interesting is when we break things down by genre. Actually, never mind interesting, I found the stats altogether surprising.

  • Horror seems to be the most popular genre in terms of traffic, although it comes 5th in comments
  • Fantasy (which I expected to dominate) comes in 2nd in traffic & comments
  • Urban Fantasy is 3rd in both traffic & comments
  • Science Fiction is 4th in both traffic & comments
  • Adventure and Erotica are tied for 5th in traffic, although Adventure is 1st in comments and Erotica is last

Of course, numbers only tell half the story, and I'd like to hear the other half from you. I've set up a quick poll in the right-hand sidebar to find out 

Please, take a quick moment to cast your vote, and feel free to elaborate in your comments below. There's a lot I could do with the Ruins, but I'd like to make sure I focus my efforts where they'll be most appreciated (and read).


  1. Probably because reviews can be seen so many other places explains why they aren't as popular.
    And aren't authors supposed to be engaged?

    1. You'd think so, wouldn't you, Alex? There's a surprising number of authors with no social presence. Sometimes it's because I'm digging deep into the stacks, reviewing out-of-print titles, but even when it's a new book where the publisher or the publicist has a social presence, it doesn't drive the same engagement as an author's.

  2. Thanks for mentioning my post. Oh man, that necrophilia meme, made me smile far more than appropriate.😂

    Authors who don't engage is definitely a weird one as you'd think that they would. I know time is an issue and of course, they can't read all posts but there seems to be more and more of them, along with publicists who run tours and arrange to have the author on blogs who don't engage on SM and really it's their book you'd think that they would want to share a positive review. Likewise if they've taken the time to write a guest post or answer interview questions for a blog you'd expect them to promote themselves.

    1. It's self-defeating behavior, isn't it? At the bare minimum, all they have to do is share a link, and even some one-line comments will open conversation, make them approachable, and get readers engaged.

  3. How would fans like to see poetry reviews. I read a lot of poetry and I feel it gets no love sometimes.

    1. I don't read poetry, but you know you're always welcome to contribute something. :)

  4. I actually find that my hits on reviews posts are comparable in popularity to guest post/discussions and memes. Also, I can't speak for others, but I personally love reading review posts! I think you should keep them coming. And while I might not comment much on your WTF posts, I do love reading them! (Most of the time, I just have no words) :P

    ~Mogsy @ BiblioSanctum

    1. LOL - no words can be good! Yeah, I don't plan to stop reviewing (I can't read a book and simply put it aside without comment), but if there are things people would like to see more of, I'm happy to redirect some efforts in those directions.


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