WTF Weekend: Prehistoric Sex Toy by Samantha Blackstrap


Mild mannered archeologist Holly stumbled upon the find of her career, an ancient fertility temple. While struggling with near crippling anxiety she becomes fixated on a giant golden idol. One bad decision leads her down a dark and sexy path. 

The idol has her in his grasp and works through her to fulfill his own mysterious needs. 

Can she overcome the desires of the idol within her or will she give in to its every wanton desire?


I'm a sucker for a good adventure story. Few things catch my attention as quickly and completely as archaeological discoveries, mystical treasures, and kick-ass heroes/heroines. Add in a quirky, kinky, WTF element, and Prehistoric Sex Toy was just too good to ignore.

Samantha Blackstrap tells a great story, and even if it ends far too soon, it was still a fun ride while it lasted. It hits all the genre high points early, complete with a mystical curse, angry villagers, and incredible treasures - a massive obsidian dildo, and an even larger golden one. There's even a supernatural element, which starts weird before it gets kinky.

The erotic aspects are intense, full of sexy detail and some nasty dialogue, with passion overwhelming all sense of reason. Unfortunately, we never get an explanation for how or why it all happens, and the story ends on something of a cliffhanger, just before the kinkiest encounter can get started.

Kindle Edition, 24 pages
Published October 16th 2016 by Pulp Sex Press

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