WTF Weekend: Maxine's Dungeon by Chloe Daniels

Maxine has an urge she can't contain, but she hasn't found a suitable partner to indulge with yet. That is, until she meets Julie: the perfect woman for her construction dungeon playground.

Elements of the popular game, Dungeons and Dragons, and bondage inspire this erotic tale of two women exploring the taboo nature of a real dungeon.


Okay, this one had me at D&D inspired BDSM. Once I saw that, I knew I had to give it a read. It might be cheesy, and it might just be a lame attempt to cash in on a scene, but I was willing to take the chance. Fortunately, Maxine's Dungeon was actually a pretty solid little story, with some nice character building, a genuine romance, and even a quick session of D&D before getting to the dungeon.

Chloe Daniels has a knack for storytelling and a genuine love for her characters. We first meet the couple in a tattoo parlor, where Maxine's attraction is evident, leading her to tests the waters by having Julie call her ma'am - which she does. The opening chapters are actually quite sweet, with a soft domme/sub nature to their relationship, but it's a fictional act of protection in a friendly D&D session that prompts Julie to confess her feelings, opening the door for more.

The dungeon BDSM session is really hot, with bondage, teasing, spanking, and more. True to the blurb's promise, it is genuinely D&D inspired, with Maxine rolling for dexterity, strength, sleight of hand, and more to determine how far she'll take Julie and how long things will last. Maxine is a natural - she built the dungeon for a reason, after all - but it is Julie's timid, nervous, anxious submission that make this memorable.

Having enjoyed this, I would definitely give Chloe another read, likely starting with An Erotic Short Story Collection: Three Erotic Tales Inspired by Dungeons and Dragons.

Kindle Edition, 26 pages
Published November 29th 2017

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