WTF Weekend: Damnation Hotel by Glen Frost

Dark forces lurk just at the edge of sight at the old Harrington Hotel. The sick, the twisted, the perverted...all feel the call to gather at this nightmarish place, high up in the Rocky Mountains. Murderers. Cultists. Torturers. Monsters. Practitioners of the Satanic arts. The Harrington has played host to all of them, and far worse, over the course of its long lifetime. 

Now it is Billy Smith's turn. Hiding his own grisly secret, the journalist sets out to uncover the mysteries of the Harrington...only to stumble upon an ancient, nameless evil that wants nothing more than his blood, his flesh, and his very soul. 

Before the night is over, Billy will discover just why it is that the Harrington is known as the Damnation Hotel...


Damnation Hotel starts out strong, with an in medias res scene of an eviscerated man, holding onto his entrails while nailed to a cross, being carried by a group of black-robed men. From there, Glen Frost flashes back to Billy Smith's arrival at the hotel in question, which is a creepy bit of storytelling that has some nice flourishes of mystery and dark humor.

The setting is fantastic, a Shining-esque hotel in the middle of nowhere, with few guests to speak of, and a staff that seems to be trapped in time. The combination of urban legend and ghost story makes for a great build-up, before the arrival of Mr. Harrington kicks the story into high gear.

The transition from mysterious ghost story to brutal horror is an abrupt one, as if there's a scene missing, but I did like how dark it got, and how fast it went there. As secrets are exposed and dark deals discussed, we eventually get back to that opening scene, which leads into a climax that's as dark as it is erotic. Trust me, dying man, dead woman, and inverted cross make for a truly perverse experience.

The final twist seemed a bit forced, but this was still a solid read.

Kindle Edition, 46 pages
Published June 30th 2016

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