WTF Weekend: Spermjackers From Hell by Christine Morgan (@CMorganAuthor #WiHM9)

Let’s summon a succubus, they said. It’ll be fun, they said…

I have some friends and we had a crazy idea: let’s summon a demon. Not just any demon but a sexy devil chick that will do anything we want—even butt stuff. It’ll be easy. It’s not like it’s going to work. Monsters aren’t real.

We were wrong. Really fucking wrong.

The demon is not what we thought and it’s making horrible things happen. People are cutting into each other's junk, some guy is fucking his dog, and sex slugs from Hell are raping us and stealing our semen in order to build a goddamn hive!

We didn’t mean for any of this. But we’re gonna fix it... Just after a few more beers and bong hits.

From Christine Morgan, author of Mythic Lust: the Minotaur, and The Raven’s Table: Viking Stories, comes a sleazy and deviant satire about sex, occultism, and nerd culture.


This was . . . well, pretty much exactly what you'd expect from a book called Spermjackers From Hell - except, of course, the horny succubus in question is absolutely nothing like what you'd expect. While Christine Morgan absolutely delivers on the premise, she does so in ways that are absurdly unexpected, which make this a far a more enjoyable read.

Before we get into the story, I have to talk about the storytelling for a moment. This is a clever, self-aware, disjointed sort of narrative that begins near the end, before rewinding back to the start, with frequent vignettes where Morgan breaks the fourth wall and talks directly to the reader. On the positive side, the style creates some artificial tension, and serves to keep you on your toes, never knowing what's coming next. On the negative side, those vignettes feel like unfulfilled promises, teasing us with unholy erotic retributions that ultimately happen off the page, only to be recapped in passing. There's almost an entire second book waiting in those vignettes.

Okay, so back to the story. This starts out with your basic horror movie premise - a gang of slackers decide to summon a succubus, and plan to do it from within the bowels of the abandoned bomb shelter in the park. It's a great scenario and a great setting, and Morgan gleefully indulges in their squeamish excitement. Nobody, of course, really expects it to work, and even after their frantic flight from the scene, they still manage to convince themselves it was an elaborate prank played by their missing friend. There is a lot of tension between friends, both before and after, and the way Morgan plays on their anxieties is spot-on.

As for the succubus - after all, you did come for the Spermjackers From Hell (pun gleefully intended!) - she's a surprise I am hesitant about spoiling. In terms of physical appearance, she is nothing like what you expect, but in terms of erotic performance, she's everything you dreamed of . . . and had nightmares about. She preys on the darkest fantasies and fetishes of the town as much as she does their most innocent lusts and longings, giving them exactly what they think they crave most. Again, no spoilers, but when we finally get a glimpse of her lair . . . it is total nightmare fetish fuel, a horrifying fate that, despite its grotesque elements, still has a touch of forbidden attraction.

The final twist at the end was perfect, and I am almost embarrassed to say I didn't see it coming. With the door left open for a sequel, I would definitely be up for a second summoning, especially if it can deliver on some of those vignette teases.

Kindle Edition, 247 pages
Published August 14th 2017

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