WTF Weekend: Bizarrotica Complete Season 1 by Sasha Barrows

This steamy bundle includes all seven entries in season 1 of the Bizarrotica series.

THE LUSTFUL GIANTESS: Mindy is an active and energetic giantess, but she has little knowledge of men, particularly the smaller men of the outside world. But when one washes up on the isolated island of giants, Mindy and her friends are more than willing to use him as a "learning tool".

A DULLAHAN'S ROMANCE: Jenny Daniels is a klutzy Dullahan that will literally lose her head if she isn't careful. No one knows about her little 'condition', but after an unavoidable mishap on the way to school, the secret she protected for so long may be in jeopardy. Of course, she is more than willing to do anything to keep her average high school life, and she does mean anything.

A SHADOW'S DESIRE: The Shadow People; an urban legend that may be more real than the townsfolk would have you believe. These humanoid entities supposedly take over a person's body and manipulate their 'host' in malicious ways. At least that's how the story goes.

THE LECHEROUS APP: Catherine is always humoring her friend, Jessica and her obsession with urban legends, nodding along but never taking them seriously. However, when a mysterious phone app known as 'Love Touch' hits the scene, things become a bit harder to ignore.

TOUCH OF THE STATUE: A strange rumor has been making the rounds in town. At night in the local museum, supposedly a few life-sized statues would spring to life, leaving their pedestals and wandering the institution's floors. As the daughter of the museum's owner, Kiley decides to investigate alongside her curious friend, Emily.

DOPPELGANGER'S DELIGHT: Maureen is nearing the end of her twenties, and yet she still does not know the embrace of another human. Focusing on her work hasn't exactly done wonders for her love life, but she is nearly fed up with it.

TREES OF AROUSAL: After searching for her missing husband, the nymphomaniac housewife Diana finds herself in a forest surrounded by bizarre myths and legends. While her body begins to change among the strange sea of trees, her carnal desires remain. Good thing too, as she finds herself able to satisfy those desires in more ways than she bargained for.


A few weeks back I decided to take a chance on this little story called The Lustful Giantess. It was suitably weird, a bit playful, and so comfortably absurd that I knew I had to read more. Hence, my binging on Bizarrotica Complete Season 1 Boxset Ultimate Mega Collection Bundle.

THE LUSTFUL GIANTESS has a pulp lost world mythology to it, with a human explorer who is carried across the otherwise impassible magical barrier by a curious giantess. She is just as delighted by his gender as his size, and once she's played with her new toy, she decides to share with their friends. This was erotic and imaginative, with some fantastic details that really sell the size difference, but the playful tone keeps it from becoming smutty.

A DULLAHAN'S ROMANCE was, if possible, even more bizarre. If you don't know what a Dullahan is, think Headless Horseman, only Jenny is a teenage girl with all the social pressures and anxieties that brings, plus the fact that her head comes off. This one does get a little smutty (and gross), with sex acts involving detachable heads, but the mechanics of it are so ingenious, you can't help but be entertained.

A SHADOW'S DESIRE puts an erotic spin on the urban legend of shadow people, lurking in the darkness, just waiting to attach to a host. It's actually a bizarrely touching tale, with the shadow people given real personality and a sense of loss, and the erotic aspects of tangible, malleable shadows was quite well done.

THE LECHEROUS APP was a lot of fun, mixing urban legends, stupid dares, and erotic technology. I didn't expect much out of this one, but it ended up being one of my favorites, with a young woman trapped inside the app, digital plaything for the next 100k users. There's a lot of imagination in the way she's manipulated by thousands of unseen fingers at once, mixing the tactile sensations of phone screens with the feelings of flesh.

TOUCH OF THE STATUE was pretty straightforward, with museum statues that do indeed come alive in the night, but what made it work was the emotional attachment between the girls and the statues, and the dialogue that brings the men to life (no pun intended).

DOPPELGANGER'S DELIGHT was another story that puts an erotic spin on an urban legend, with Maureen following her doppleganger home to its hidden duplicate of her own apartment. It has all of her memories, and knows everything about her, which makes the invitation to enjoy a night of passion as much an act of compassion as arousal. If you have ever wondered what it would be like to make love to yourself . . .

TREES OF AROUSAL was, by far, the oddest and most unorthodox of the stories, but also the best, especially with the hidden human attachments. There was a lot of imagination here, with some genuinely creepy moments interspersed with the erotic ones. Being invaded by the tentacle like branches of a tree is just the beginning for Diana, and her transformation into a tree is just the opening to an entirely new erotic experience. Trust me, after reading this, branches swaying in the wind, and tree sap dripping from smooth edged knots, will never again look so innocent.

While not all of the stories were up to the standards of the first, my only real disappointment is that there's no Season 2. If you're still out there, Sasha Barrows, we want more!

Kindle: 265 pages
Published:  October 4, 2015

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