#Horror Review: Darker Tales from the Den by Dona Fox (#WiHM9)

We turn the Ruins over to Donald again today, with our first review of Women in Horror Month for 2018.

In reading Dona Fox's previous collection, I had to adventure deeper into the den. With Darker Tales from the Den, Fox gives us readers a superior collection that surpasses her first.

Her eerie, chilling to the bone, and folklore type tales show her dedication, and establish her as what I'm calling 'The Maiden of Storytelling.' Stories filled with snakes, jewels, haunted houses, history, tears and so much more, with have enough twists to put Linda Blair's head twist to the back of the line.

My overall must read in this collection is "In the Devil's Shadow," a suspenseful thriller of darkness left to freeze and a sisterly bond of broken promises.

Other favorites listed below.

- Mama's Jewels and Daddy's Eggs
- The Chill and Wiley Snake
- One Historic Night
- Shypoke's Tears 
- Medusae in Bloom
- Li Gran Toy Zombi

Paperback, 214 pages
Published June 27th 2016 by James Ward Kirk Publishing