WTF Weekend: The Erotic Worlds of the Janus Key Chronicles (Volume 1) by Alana Melos

Traveling through otherworldly dimensions has never been so sexy....

The first five worlds of the Janus Key Chronicles are here, collected in one place. They feature over 60,000 words of their exotic, erotic adventures of twin siblings Dirk and Debbie as they try to find their way home.

These stories include mature content not suitable for those under the age of eighteen! They include a wide variety of subject matter including m/m, m/f, menage, oral, anal and more!


Magic portals are one of the oldest tropes in imaginative literature. Whether it is Alice's rabbit hole, the Sliders' wormholes, or Roland's floating doorways, they provide us with instantaneous passage to other worlds, other times, and other realities.

As much fun as those portals are, though, they are rarely as sexy as when in the hands of the lovely and talented Alana Melos. Dirk and Debbie, the twin sibling protagonists of her Erotic Worlds of the Janus Key Chronicles, have no idea where the Janus Key will take them next, but each orgasmic leap promises an adventure.

Rump Raiding Raptors is a fun, but silly, story of a dinosaur-based society that reminded me of a Jurassic Park-Zootopia. The erotic element was fantastic, though, with a horny Raptor cop having his way with Dirk. Not quite the opening I expected, but I loved it. The Perils of Penetrating Pixies was even better, with erotic scenes that were frantic and inventive, especially with Debbie's first erotic explorations by the tiny pixies. Oh, my!

Riddled by the Sphinx is where the series really hit its stride, taking us to an alternate Egypt with a living Sphinx. It was a fun, it was sexy, but it was also dangerous. Sadistic Spirits changes things up again, introducing us to a 1970's séance, complete with leisure suits and groovy slang. Debbie's erotic mauling by unseen spirits is undeniably erotic, but also rather chilling. Knob Gobblin' Hobgoblins ends this first collection on a high note with a more traditional fantasy tale of dragons, elves, water spirits, warriors, and hobgoblins. Dirk's role as a supernatural sexual surrogate is suitably surreal, and I loved how Alana deal with his blossoming sexuality.

The Erotic Worlds of the Janus Key Chronicles was everything I could have hoped for over a long chilly weekend, curled up on the couch, with my imagination in full flight. Alana mixes solid storytelling, great world-building, and over-the-top eroticism, with plenty of geeky nods to readers, and I am so looking forward to Volume Two!

Kindle: 175 pages
Published: April 4, 2015

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