#Thriller Review: Everything We Want by Wayne-Daniel Berard

We turn the Ruins over to Donald again today, with his review of an interesting social experiment.

In a near distant future, (maybe) the world goes into its final 'Last Depression' or so it promised. Everything We Want is on a blue EWW card. With it, we can buy anything, as much as we want, as often as we want. Anything we can imagine.

But that is everyone else.

Why be same?

In Wayne-Daniel Berard's world, the ARTS (poets, painters, musicians) and GUTS (wandering ascetics) go about daily life creating, writing, and painting, rejecting what the blue card can give.

I like the message within in these pages: "Same is boring" (or at least that is partly what I got out of this book). GREAT READ!

Paperback, 63 pages
Published January 3rd 2018 by Bloodstone Press