WTH Holidays: The Triad and the Innocent Maidens by Reed James

While I'm taking a bit of a break from the season, I invite you to enjoy a little WTH Holiday mayhem as my dark half, Foster Medina, and his messed up literary diversions break out of their Friday dungeon, filling the season with the bizarre, the twisted, the grotesque, and the kinky. Enjoy!

Take one vintage sword-and-sorcery tale, add a polyamorous twist, wrap it all in equal amounts of sex and violence, and saturate it with assorted bodily fluids, and you have The Triad and the Innocent Maidens by Reed James.

Fiona, Aoifa, and Seamus are a magical triad - a witch, a rogue, and a paladin - newly married, and setting out on their first quest to vanquish evil. With sex never being from their minds, it's used as a distraction, a weapon, and a reward, as well as just for general pleasure. Lusty Aoifa is the sexual star here, indulging her wanton lust with both men and monsters, but it's the reluctant sexuality of the more romantic Fiona that brings the story to a climax (pun intended). There are some taboos broken that may cross lines or some readers, but the erotic aspects are truly inspired in their depravity.

While I fully expected those erotic elements, I was genuinely surprised to find some genuine fantasy behind it all. This is a story with kobolds, wargs, elemental spirits, dark forests, enchanted weapons, witches, haunted towers, warlocks, and other cursed creatures. In fact, the geek in me had to smile at the two-page glossary of gods, elementals, monsters, and more at the end. Don't get me wrong, the story is largely secondary to the sex, but there is a story here, a bit of mythology behind it, and some fun characters to see it through.

If you're in the mood for some imaginative erotic fantasy, then The Triad and the Innocent Maidens is a must-read. With a Gorgon's Seduction and a Maiden's Passion rounding out the trilogy (so far), I'm curious to see how Reed James continues building the world and developing the characters introduced here.

Kindle Edition, 81 pages
Published April 22nd 2016 by Naughty Ladies Publications