WTH Holidays: Love in the Time of Dinosaurs by Kirsten Alene

While I'm taking a bit of a break from the season, I invite you to enjoy a little WTH Holiday mayhem as my dark half, Foster Medina, and his messed up literary diversions break out of their Friday dungeon, filling the season with the bizarre, the twisted, the grotesque, and the kinky. Enjoy!

Kirsten Alene's debut novella actually has a lot going on for such a slender volume, but, at it’s core, Love in the Time of Dinosaurs is a story that works on two levels – the first being the war between gun-toting monks and crazy-ass dinosaurs, and the second being the forbidden love between one unusual monk and an even more unusual dinosaur.

I know, I know, you want to hear all about the dinosaurs, but first we have deal with the monks. Exceptionally well-armed and trained to fight, they're absolutely fearless, not to mention inhumanly resistant to injury. Somehow, they’re able to soldier on despite the loss of entire limbs and major organs, continuing to take the fight to the dinosaurs until a spare body part can salvaged. This remarkable degree of physical adaptability accounts for some of the more surreal aspects of the story, such as the monk with nothing but a hand grafted below his abdomen, making the difference between standing and sitting as simple as flexing those fingers.

As for those dinosaurs, they are just as smart, just as vicious, and just as awesome as you might hope (or fear), and they’ve armed themselves with instruments of lethal destruction. Think bloody, insane improvisation on the level of Ash from the Evil Dead movies, and you begin to get a sense of their bizarrely mechanized blades and biochemical tools of mass destruction. For the most part, they’re portrayed as an unstoppable force of aggression, but we get do glimpses of their vulnerabilities.

And that, my friends, is where the story begins to get interesting.

A female, bipedal, duck-billed dinosaur named Petunia serves as a bridge between the species. It is through her relationship with a heroic monk that we not only find a story of forbidden love, but one of cultural understanding. I know, it sounds deep and maybe even a little forced, but it absolutely works, and doesn't feel at all out of place. It's a Bizarro tale with heart, and there is most definitely more to the story than you might expect.

Love in the Time of Dinosaurs was a fun and frantic read, with some really inventive battle scenes that bridge the cartoon creativity of G.I. Joe, the bloody sensationalism of Platoon, and the sophomoric bravado of a Call of Duty multi-player marathon.

Paperback, 77 pages
Published October 13th 2010 by Eraserhead Press


  1. I love the idea of the monks and dinosaurs but the love story does put me off as I'm not really a romance fan. Still, it sounds interesting and different!

  2. First the title got my attention and now I want it based on your review. Action and romance works fine for me. Thanks for sharing!


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