Trick or Treat - FREE Horror for Halloween!

In honor of Halloween, my favorite holiday of the year, I have decided to invite everyone over for a little trick or treating. I have the usual poisoned candy, razor blade apples, and ladyfingers (at least, she said she was a lady) for those so inclined, but like that house with full-sized candy bars, I have a full-sized tale for you.

For today only, Asanserophobia Infidelity, my darkly erotic tale of bizarre fetishes and extreme revenge, is FREE on Kindle. 

We're talking 60+ pages of what one reader called "a claustrophobic, death trip of extreme fetishes and sickness all lashed out inside an elevator."

5 people. 1 box. A 27 square foot coffin, trapped between floors. What they discover about one another will disgust them . . . but what they discover about themselves will destroy them.

Dirty little secrets, bizarre fetishes, and a thirst for revenge will make for one very long holiday weekend indeed.

If you do happen to give it a read, please consider leaving a short review. Aside from the ego boost, the more reviews a story gets, the better its chance of discovery. Thank you in advance, and Happy Halloween!


  1. Whew, for a second there I thought I was too late! Thanks, it looks very interesting and I cannot wait to get started when I finish up my current reads.


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