WTF Friday: The ADHD Vampire & Elmer Crowley

Every once in a while, as the mood strikes me, I like to indulge in those titles that are a bit odd . . . a bit different . . . a bit bizarre . . . and a bit freaky. These are books that don't always get a lot of press, and which rarely benefit from any prominent retail shelf space.

They're often an underground of sort of literature, best shared through guilty whispers, and often with embarrassed grins. These are our WTF Friday reads!

Something a bit different this week, as Donald makes a long-awaited return with a pair of truly bizarre reviews.

The ADHD Vampire is a load full of laughs.....well if you think old people having sex and a vampire that can't seem to focus on sucking the blood of his victims. Then this novella is for you.

A senior on a cruise ship gets his adult diapers littered with a heart attack of laughter that Matthew Vaughn tells with a fresh new look at vampires. Bloody gore crazy fun packed into a read you won't be able to but down. Wait was that a ship....Set sail you're in for one heck of a read!!!

Paperback, 82 pages
Published February 16th 2015 by Bizarro Pulp Press/ Journalstone

Elmer Crowley is Saturday morning cartoons with a bowl of psychedelic mushrooms.

A reincarnation into an altered reality of bizarre events with such characters as funny little bunnies, duckies, putty-tats, piggly-wiggly and a canary bird with a buck-toothed vagina (as the author explains them). Beware at some points you may feel lost while reading this. But imagine how the main character felt, when he entered this strange world as the famous wabbit hunter Elmer Fudd.

You will probably need a thesaurus to understand what the heck is going on, but at the same time it may ruin all the fun. It's just one of those books you read, then read again and still have no idea (kinda). Tom Bradley has this poetic sick twisted mind. When his words go into action they tell a story of beyond an imagination that one can only wonder. The artwork will also give one to remember. Find this book and dive in. I promise you will feel less weird after reading this.

A must read for all the weirdos out there.

Paperback, 134 pages
Published August 31st 2013 by Mandrake of Oxford