#IWSG - Validation!

The Insecure Writer's Support Group is a once-monthly blog hop aimed at sharing our doubts and concerns, while encouraging one another with assistance and guidance. As the lighthouse image suggests, it’s a beacon in the dark and a safe haven for insecure writers of all kinds!

Well, a few months back I decided to stop waiting, cast aside all expectations, and really let loose. I haven't been as prolific as I'd like (curse you, day job that pays the bills!), but I did get one story finished, edited, and self-publish under my new pen-name.

This month's prompt is a fitting one, as it asks What's the best thing someone has ever said about your writing?

Well, while I haven't had a lot of time for self-promotion, the story has sold a couple of copies (readers were intrigued enough to spend money!), a handful of people have added it to their Goodreads shelves (hey, any exposure is good), and to top it all off, it's actually received a 4-star review from a complete stranger (yes, somebody else liked it!).

It's hardly a new career, and I'm not retiring off the income quite yet, but it's extremely gratifying and has given me that boost of confidence I need to keep writing.


  1. You have a book out? Congratulations! What's it called?

    1. Just a short story, to test the waters (so to speak). I want to play with a few more pieces under that mysterious pen-name before deciding whether or not to lift the veil. :)


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