Monday, June 27, 2016

Unboxing this month's #HorrorBlock

I have to admit, when I got my first Nerd Block (Classic) last month, I was disappointed. The two Back to the Future pins were kind of lame; I have zero interest in a Sixteen Candles Funko Pop; I have no frame of reference to know whether the Rick & Morty t-shirt was cool or not; and the Iron Man mug was (sadly) more of a ceramic shot glass with a handle. The only thing I didn't give away or toss out was the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man plush.

Not wanting to be disappointed a second time, I switched to the Horror version this month - and it kicks ass!

I opened the box to find not 1 but 2 Funko Pops staring back at me, including Dr. Goodweather from The Strain and Angel from his Buffy days. Very nice.

Beneath that was a very cool Jaws T-shirt, and an Elm Street pillow case (come on, tell me that's awesome!). I'm not only ready to go back in the water, but I'm all set for a long nap afterwards.

Still not done yet, however, as there was also a cheesy new Turbokid DVD to watch, and the latest issue of Rue Morgue (which saves me from picking up a copy).

With Psycho, Friday the 13th, and Treehouse of Horror on tap next month, I think I'll stick with the Horror Block.


  1. Cool! Can you link up where to sign up for this? I'd love to check it out. Thanks for sharing!

    1. Sure - it's https://www.nerdblock.com (you can pick your first theme when you sign up, then change each month)

  2. I only sub to lootcrate at the moment, but I did try Arcade Block one time (Nerd Block for gamers). I was disappointed with that too, but holy crap, maybe Horror Block is where I should be looking?! That JAWS shirt is AWESOME!!!

    ~Mogsy @ BiblioSanctum

    1. I looked at Lootcrate too, but it all came down to shipping costs. If next month's box is as good as this one, I'll consider doing another 3 month package.

  3. Very awesome stuff! Love the shark T shirt!