#IWSG - Anxious Procrastination

The Insecure Writer's Support Group is a once-monthly blog hop aimed at sharing our doubts and concerns, while encouraging one another with assistance and guidance. As the lighthouse image suggests, it’s a beacon in the dark and a safe haven for insecure writers of all kinds!

Really starting to feel a bit anxious this month, with my novel sitting in open submission limbo. On my good days, I tell myself no news is good news, and that if they didn't send an immediate rejection then it means they're giving it serious consideration. On my bad days, I tell myself the exact opposite, and that they're saving the form letter rejections for last.

In the immortal words of Homer J. Simpson, "Ahh, the waiting game sucks. Let's play Hungry Hungry Hippos!"

As for my plan to slip into a pseudonym and let my imagination run loose, I'm procrastinating a bit on the actual writing (story of my life), but I do have 4 pages of densely handwritten notes laying out the first novella of my weird little pulp adventure saga. I'm excited by the story, and already have ideas for 2 more in the series, I just need to get that first scene committed to paper and open the floodgates.


  1. I hate submission limbo, I'm no good at it. I get completely demotivated to do anything other than eat cake and chocolate! Good luck with your new projects, and I hope the submission goes well.

  2. Four pages of densely written notes sounds like you're off to a great start! I think having something else to work on is probably the best way to handle submission limbo.

  3. Once you do, you'll be off and running!
    Waiting sucks, but if you're busy in the meantime, then it won't be as bad.

  4. Good luck on the submission. I agree with Alex ...except if staying busy has to do with nail-biting or hair-pulling:)

  5. Waiting sucks, Bob, like you ,I too am in open submission limbo. I have not received any reply from the agents I queried for my PB. I oscillate between thinking that the story is so bad that the agents don't even want to send form rejections, then I console myself saying that the agents must be on the fence and my submission is in the Maybe pile. Fingers crossed for you.

    Rachna Chhabria
    Co-host IWSG
    Rachna's Scriptorium

  6. Like Tom Petty said, The Waiting Is The Hardest Part. best wishes for a smashing success!!!


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