Most Anticipated Fantasy Reads of 2016

As we put one year behind us and begin marching into another, it's time to look ahead to the Most Anticipated Fantasy Reads of 2016.

It's already shaping up to be a magnificent stack of books from some of the biggest names in the genre, and these are only the titles with confirmed release dates.

There are plenty of other books we should see (Bradley P. Beaulieu, Mark Smylie, Michael R. Fletcher . . . we've got our fingers crossed), and several others I hope we might see in the coming year (Brandon Sanderson, George R.R. Martin, Patrick Rothfuss . . . we're looking at you), but rather than complain about what we don't have promised, let's take a look at what we do.


City of Blades, the 2nd book of The Divine Cities by Robert Jackson Bennett, hits the shelves on January 26th from Broadway Books. Critics have already hailed it as "astonishingly good" and a book that builds "beautifully upon the richly detailed world introduced in the first book of the series."

Chains of the Heretic, the final book of Bloodsounder's Arc by Jeff Salyards, arrives on February 2nd from Night Shade Books. Take my word for it when I tell you this one rips the world wide open and shoves us headlong into a heap of betrayals

Dragon Hunters, the 2nd book of The Chronicle of the Exile by Marc Turner, storms into port on February 9th from Tor Books. I've had good luck with second volumes blowing me away of the past two years, and I have a feeling this will continue the trend.

The Last Mortal Bond, the final chapter in the Chronicle of the Unhewn Throne by Brian Staveley, swoops in on March 15th from Tor Books. As we reach the epic conclusion, war engulfs the Annurian Empire.


Saint's Blood, the 3rd Greatcoats book by Sebastien de Castell, is scheduled for release on April 7th by Jo Fletcher Books (UK). How do you kill a Saint? Falcio, Kest, and Brasti are about to find out, because someone has figured out a way to do it and they've started with a friend.

Fall of Light, the 2nd book of The Kharkanas Trilogy by Steven Erikson, is scheduled for release on April 19th from Tor Books. Prequel sagas are always a tricky thing, but there's a wealth of mythology here to be explored.

Dancer's Lament, the 1st book of Path to Ascendancy by Ian C. Esslemont, arrives on April 21st from Tor Books. Another prequel saga, this one explores skilled assassin Dancer and mage Kellanved, founders of the Malazan empire.

Children of Earth and Sky, the latest epic by Guy Gavriel Kay, is destined to dominate the shelves on May 10th from NAL (USA) and Penguin (Canada). This time around the story is inspired by the conflicts and dramas of Renaissance Europe, featuring a young artist and a fiercely intelligent, angry spy.

King of Ashes, the 1st book of The War of Five Crowns by Raymond E. Feist, appears to be on the books for May 15th from HarperCollins Publishers (but it's already been delayed a few times). It's to be a non-Midkemia book influenced by medieval history and Arthurian legend.

Stranger of Tempest, the 1st book of new series from Tom Lloyd, is coming our way May 19th from Gollancz. This one features a brilliantly likeable mercenary who signs up with a new company who may not be as well-intentioned as he would like.

A Blade of Black Steel, the 2nd book of The Crimson Empire by Alex Marshall, is scheduled to march onto shelves on May 26th from Orbit. Five villains. One legendary general. A battle for survival.

The Wheel of Osheim, the 3rd book of The Red Queen's War by Mark Lawrence, is set to roll on June 7th from Ace. The Wheel of Osheim is turning ever faster, and it will crack the world unless it’s stopped.

In the Shadow of the Gods, the debut novel from Rachel Dunne, arrives on shelves on June 21st from Harper Voyager. A dark epic fantasy in which a mismatched band of mortals, led by violent, secretive man, must stand against a pair of resentful gods to save their world.

Age of Myth, the 1st book of The Legends of the First Empire by Michael J. Sullivan, will be revealed to world on June 28th from Del Rey. Inaugurates an original five-book series, the Age of Myth is over and the time of rebellion has begun.


The Dragon Round is the first novel by Stephen S. Power, coming on July 5th from Simon & Schuster. A swashbuckling adventure and a timeless tale of revenge, with a dark side, for fans of George R.R. Martin and Naomi Novik.

The Dinosaur Knights, the 2nd book of The Dinosaur Lords by Victor Milán, also stampedes into bookstores on July 5th from Tor Books. In a world where armored knights ride dinosaurs to battle, the dreaded Grey Angels have come to rid the world of sin...including all the humans who manifest those vices.

The Devil's Evidence, a surprise follow-up to last year's The Devil's Detective by Simon Kurt Unsworth, crawls up from the dept of Hell on July 5th from Del Rey. This time Thomas Fool must investigate bodies appearing in Heaven, a place where no crimes are committed, and where perfection may only be surface deep.

Sherlock Holmes and the Servants of Hell, the epic Holmes/Hellraiser crossover from Paul Kane, invites us to solve the puzzlebox on July 12th from Solaris. Sherlock Holmes faces his greatest challenge yet when he meets the Cenobites, the infamous servants of hell.

The Dragon Lords: Fool’s Gold by Jon Hollis hits bookstores in July from Orbit. A ragtag group of adventurers plan a heist to steal a dragon’s gold in a book with Guardians of the Galaxy-style wisecracking.

Assassin's Fate, the 3rd book of The Fitz and The Fool Trilogy by Robin Hobb, looks to be scheduled for July 14th from Harper Voyager. There's no cover or synopsis available at this point, but it should be epic. Robin Hobb has indicated that we're likely waiting for Spring 2017 for this now.

Twilight of the Dragons, the 2nd volume of The Blood Dragon Empire by Andy Remic, explodes into the wild on Aug 2nd from Angry Robot. This time our, our heroes makes dangerous bargains in order to overthrow the dragonlords.

Spiderlight, the latest from Adrian Tchaikovsky, crawls under your skin and onto shelves Aug 2nd from Tor Books. A great prophecy, a band of misfits, the Dark Lord Darvezian, and an artifact stolen from the merciless Spider Queen.

Infernal, the debut by Mark de Jager, awakes on Aug 11th from Del Rey. An anti-hero with no memories sets out across a landscape torn apart by a ten year war in a book that's being called a magical blend of Jason Bourne and Jack Reacher.

The Obelisk Gate, the 2nd book of The Broken Earth by N. K. Jemisin, lands on August 16th from Orbit. This is the way the world ends . . . for the last time.


The Wield, a new book from Dan Abnett, is heading our way Oct 20th from Gollancz. It's said to be a dynamic heroic fantasy adventure, packed with vivid action and bloody battles, flawed but engaging characters, and a clever twist.

The Wall of Storms, the highly anticipated 2nd novel of The Dandelion Dynasty by Ken Liu, is scheduled for an Oct release from Simon & Schuster. Emperor Ragin, once known as Kuni Garu, has unified Dara under the banner of peace, but the hearts of men and women are never peaceful.

Is there a title that I've missed? A must-read epic that you're looking forward to? Let us know below!


  1. Great list and a few to add to my massive awaited pile.
    I would add A Gathering of Shadows by VE Schwab for the first part of the year. The first part of that series was brilliant and pushed Neil Gaiman very close for the Goodreads choice award

    1. I haven't read Schwab's series yet, but it looks interesting.

  2. I might have to bookmark this for reference... I'm terrible at keeping track of when books are coming out!

  3. Assassin's Fate isn't coming out until Spring 2017 -

    If Amazon is to be believed the release date is March 23, 2017:

  4. Awesome list, Bob! I'm super excited about The Obelisk Gate in particular. 2016 is going to be an awesome year for fantasy!

    1. I still need to read The Fifth Season, but I'll be caught up in time. :)

  5. It looks like Game of Thrones will be ruining the original book series next year. The Winds of Winter is still missing.

  6. I think there are only 2 or 3 that are not on my list as well. Plus, it's the parade of the sequels!

    ~Mogsy @ BiblioSanctum

  7. Some truly great reads awaiting us this year!


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