#IWSG - Giving up Control

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I love to write, there's no doubt about it. As odd as it may sound to some people, I actually love the editing process too. have a hard time deciding that it's a 'final' draft and ready for consumption by a general audience. It tends to clog the pipeline with 'finished' tales that haven't been submitted.

With that in mind, I'm trying a bit of an experiment. I'm working on a little side project where I'm collaborating with my wife. We brainstormed together, developed some of the characters and themes, and discussed the approach. I'm doing all of the heavy lifting on the first draft, and then I'm going to hand it over. No proofing, no revisions, no editing, nothing. I'm going to let her have it, warts and all, and let her decided how and where we tweak.

What's more, when she says we're done, we're done - that's it, no more second-guessing on my part.


  1. Bold move! But that might be what it takes for you to finally announce a project is done and ready to go out.

  2. I think it would be fun to collaborate on a project like that, although also tough for me because I'm a total control freak when it comes to my stories. I hope it goes well and you and your wife end up with a great finished product.
    I'm co-hosting the IWSG today and so glad to meet you!

  3. I collaborated on a book with another author. She never wanted to fix the grammar or typos, even at the end. She had it printed with them. From now on, I go at it alone. But you are lucky you have your spouse to work with. Good luck, Susanne

  4. That sounds awesome! I would love to be your wife handling the editing. That's my favorite part of the writing process. And it is so awesome that you are collaborating with her and getting her really into the development of your story from the beginning! Two heads are usually better one; I'm imagining this piece will be one of your best yet! :)


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