The Ultimate Zombie Warrior

In a follow up to our posts on Surviving the Zombie Apocalypse and How to Zombie Proof Your Apartment, we've got another cool infographic . . . just in time for new Walking Dead!

We all know killing zombies is no easy task. According to popular films, TV shows and books, the undead can be quite resilient. It’s best to aim for the head and decapitate the undead. To do this, you need an effective melee weapon, many of which are available on Amazon, possibly eBay or even in your local hardware store. Here are the ones used by your favorite movie heroes, along with a kill count analysis that helps us determine just who is the Ultimate Zombie Warrior.


  1. Go, Alice!
    And don't forget to double-tap.

  2. well, someone was bored enough to count countless dead in series and films...


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