Sci-Fi Review: Dragon's Destiny by Alex J. Cavanaugh

At the request of a fan who wanted a happier ending to Dragon of the Stars (which I reviewed back in February), Alex J. Cavanaugh actually sat down and crafted a 4,500 word epilogue to provide a little additional closure.

The story itself is not for sale, so don't go looking for it on Amazon. Instead, it's available free of charge to anybody who read the book. You can check out Alex's blog post for more details, but I think it's a very cool sort of 'gift' for the fans.

Dragon's Destiny is not a story I can really review without getting deep into spoiler territory for the book before. After all, you need to understand the dark, bittersweet ending there to appreciate what Alex has done here. I will say, however, that he manages to write a convincing, uplifting epilogue that doesn't take away from the sacrifices that led us to this point. It's a complete shift in tone, of course, but that's entirely the point.

As Alex says at the start, Dragon's Destiny is "for those who believe in happily ever after..."


  1. Thanks, Bob! Yeah, a different tone, but this story needed it.

    1. Guy: "I wish we had a happier ending for Dragon of the Stars--"
      Alex: "Challenge Accepted."

  2. That's so cool how he wrote an epilogue for a fan! :)

  3. Thanks for review. I received a copy but did not find time to read it.
    Will do soon.
    Anyway I prefer bittersweet ending instead of happily ever after.

  4. How very awesome. How do I get this? jean


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