A to Z Challenge: Science Fantasy

This year, I am once again taking part in the April adventure that is the Blogging from A to Z Challenge. For those unfamiliar with the concept, it's basically about 26 posts (we don't post Sundays), preferably on a theme, blogging our way through the alphabet from A to Z. My theme this year is all about TV Tropes, celebrating random tropes with some sort of weird, odd, unusual, controversial, or taboo element that appeals to my warped sense of literary adventure.

Continuing the theme, we have Science Fantasy (check out the page for a complete definition, but your first guess is probably pretty close to the mark). After a quick perusal of the Literature examples provided, I've gotta go with:

"David Weber's Hell's Gate series is about two human civilizations coming into contact with each other through inter-universal portals. One civilization, The Union of Aracana, is a very Magitek civilization with wizards, dragons (that are genetically engineered) and the the main fighting weapons are swords and crossbows. The other one, The Empire of Sharona, has Psychic Powers and other little things like rifles, machine guns, cannons, steam engines, armored personnel carriers, trains, battleships, etc... Neither side reacts well to the existence of the other."


  1. That's really fantasy meets science fiction. I've read Weber before, but not that book.


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