Announcing the 2014 Halloweird Creepfest!

With October just days away, it's time to start teasing our month-long Halloweird Creepfest!

All month long we'll be hosting guest posts from some of our favorite authors, giveaways from some of our favorite publishers, and reviews of what we hope will become some of our favorite books. In honor of the seasonally mandated excuse for indulging in our dark sides and exploring what scares us, we'll be doing just that.

The good folks at Penguin Books will be kicking things off with a pair of giveaways, so if you're interested in witches and headless horsemen, keep an eye out for them.

The ladies over at Storm Moon Press will be helping to keep things slithering along with some giveaways and guest posts, and I'll also be reviewing a pair of their monstrous titles.

The gang from Seventh Star Press are going to be shambling in as well, with a massive giveaway and guest posts from Michael West, Brick Marlin, Eric Garrison, and Susan Roddey.

The team at Simon & Schuster Canada will have something special going on the week of Halloween, as I review Nick Cutter's latest bloody thriller, The Deep.

It's not too late to get in on the October action. If you're an author, a publisher, or a tour coordinator with something suitable for the season, let us know - we'd be more than happy to plant a few more headstones in our ruined cemetery.


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