Cover Reveal: The Macabre Masterpiece by Justin Bienvenue

Hell is not just a place, here it is a definition of what personifies evil. The elements of blood goes way beyond any medical preference or charitable donation. Many of horror's most-wanted and deadly creatures run wild here, waiting in anticipation of their next victims. The chills one will experience from the creepiness will turn their imaginations into nightmares. The term"gripping the edge of your seat" could prove to be very case here when the suspense hit's you like a bolt of lightning. Feel the fear and witness the horror and madness.

This is The Macabre Masterpiece: Poems of Horror and Gore.

They Without Morals

Who dares disturb those who sleep in deep slumber?
Deriving us from our caskets and tombs
Whoever you are it is but a wonder
And onto you I curse and cast doom
You have ruined our peace and tainted our dirt
Do you have not any shame?
For this I summon onto you the deadliest hurt
And inflict blasphemy to scorn your name
Now let’s see you get into heaven
Knowing you’ve angered those already there
I plague you with the deadly sins of seven
Until your distraught and can no longer bare
A cemetery is a confined place for the dead
You did not come to pay your respects
For every step in which your feet have tread
You shall feel the mortifying effects

An Afternoon With Death (New to this edition)

He sipped his morning cup of joe
As the pot continued to brew
He still had time till he had to go
Plenty of caffeine before the day was threw

As noon arrived he met with him
They sat down on a bench in the park
He knew that his chances were slim
And soon he would find his place in the dark

He tried to plea his case but to no avail
His time was most certainly up
Less of a pitch and more of a fail
So much for that last minute cup

He sips from his hot cup of joe
before grabbing the metal flask
A job that only he will know
During the day death wears a blue collar mask


My name is Justin Bienvenue, I was born in and reside in Massachusetts. I am a friendly and outgoing person. Always enjoy meeting new people. I graduated high school in 2006. Since then I have held two jobs before working full-time at home as an author. I am also currently looking work aside from writing. As an author and poet. I have two published books, A book of Horror Poetry entitled “The Macabre Masterpiece: Poems of Horror and Gore” published in 2010 and a Western Horror “A Bloody Bloody Mess In The Wild Wild West” just recently published. While I mainly enjoy writing poetry I have recently expanded my horizons and started writing stories, narratives and short stories. I enjoy writing and it always makes me satisfied to have others enjoy my work. I like to be creative and different, always trying new things. I have a background in creative writing which really helped me develop my writing and expand my imagination. When I’m not writing I also enjoy playing games and watching sports such as football, baseball and basketball. I am a big football fan and my favorite team is The New England Patriots. I also enjoy the outdoors, always playing sports whenever I get the chance and going for walks to gather my thoughts looking for my next best creative idea.