Donald Gleefully Sacrifices Himself to the Horrors of StrangeHouse Books (#bookreview)

It's Donald's turn to once again we're bringing some horror to the ruins, with another entry in our Halloween Read-tacular. Lock the doors, close the curtains, turn on all the lights . . . and enjoy.

Zombie! Zombie! Brain Bang!
edited by Nicholas Day

WHAT IF... zombies were the worst customers to ever enter a fast food restaurant? WHAT IF... the only thing saving you from a zombie horde is a suit of cute little babies? WHAT IF... you traveled through time to see a great pair of tits but ended up kicking off the zombie apocalypse? WHAT IF... all those dead pets came back with a hunger for human flesh? Twelve of the most bizzare zombie stories you'll ever read, all jam packed into one delicious, ultra-violent book, Zombie! Zombie! Brain Bang! is guaranteed to suck out your brains and chomp on your guts while you scream with delight.

There is a lot of zombie books out there, but no one does it like Strangehouse books. From necrophilia to strange out bizarre a collection I'm glad I read. The ones listed below are the shorts I enjoyed the most.

  • (O.Z. by Brian Williams) is written with rage. A zombie autobiography...sorta. 5★s
  • (Baby Armor by D.F. Noble) as narrated by Morgan Freeman **check out my review on single short.** 
  • (Flush by K.M. Tepe) Laugh Out loud, and will remember to take caution next time on the porcelain guy. 5★s
  • (Humanification by Mandy De Geit) Prose of the virus. Well written. 4★s
  • (Felicity Marmaduke by Rich Bottles Jr.) Don't mark me as strange, but for some reason I enjoy reading Necrophilia and zombie babies. 4★s
  • (Undying Urges by Jesse Wheeler) I've yet to read one Wheeler's pieces of vomit filled, disgusting, revolting shorts I did not like. 5★s

Mass Digestion
by Jesse Wheeler

Do you like gravy on your potatoes? Do you like dressing on your salads? Do fast-food commercials force you to leave your mattress, in search of processed meat? If yes.... PUT THIS BOOK DOWN. Unless you need a Dietary supplement that is purely literary. Join gross out author Jesse Wheeler as he hosts his very first literary feast for Strangehouse books.

Wow, disgusting, grotesque and the creeps of chills up the spine. One helluva read!

I think this should be read at Jenny Craig meetings. It will definitely entice one to lose weight.

Jesse Wheeler is a vivid writer. I read "Lips" but this "Mass Digestion" will be a memorable one.

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