Donald Boldly Braves the Horrors of Kevin Strange (#bookreview)

It's Donald's turn to once again we're bringing some horror to the ruins, with another entry in our Halloween Read-tacular. Lock the doors, close the curtains, turn on all the lights . . . and enjoy.

Vampire Guts in Nuke Town
by Kevin Strange

Guts is a bad motherfucker in a bad, bad world. The government nuked the sky seven years ago to combat a super fast spreading virus that turns humans into blood thirsty, ravenous killing machines that look more like giant, mutated bats than people. The new sky kills these "vampires" instantly, but at a cost. The entire planet is slammed with mega-high doses of radiation every time the sun comes up, completely changing life on earth as we know it, and completely decimating what little civilization there is left.

In Nuke Town, Guts wakes up in a strange motel with no memory of how he got there. A brother and sister duo are the only two humans in sight, but are they friend or foe? As the paranoia sets in, and Guts begins to understand the true implications of a nest of sophisticated, mutated vampires, he must use all the cunning and skills that his years in the wasteland have taught him if he hopes to survive the horror that awaits him in ... VAMPIRE GUTS IN NUKETOWN!

Do you love blood, sex, cum, or blowing shit up? How about all of the above? Did I mention vampires who lay eggs? Then this is your bloody horror book, written by Kevin "Strange" - his name alone tells you that you will be reading some crazy shit.

Yes, if Troma videos made a vampire tale, this would be the outcome.

After an apocalypse of world-ending vampires, monsters take over the world. I won't say too much but, like I said, if you like Troma guts and gore ,then you are on for a slimy ride.

by Kevin Strange

Kevin Strange's fiction has been described as bleak, hopeless, bizarre, and always unpredictable. This is Strange at his most nihilistic. The Last Gig on Planet Earth collects eight tales full of suspense, of dread, of that side of human nature that most pretend does not exist. Strange sets his spotlight directly in its gnarled face and demands it reveal its most twisted secrets.

The Last Gig on Planet Earth is the story of a band willing to write songs directly from the dreaded Necronomicon if that's what it takes to get famous. But when their fantasy becomes cold, hard reality, are they
prepared for the consequences?

The Hairy Chicken is just a piece of roadkill smashed to death by two careless teenagers out for a late night joy ride. Or is it?

The Two Hands are all that's needed to complete a decidedly blasphemous ritual set deep in the woods. What happens, then, when a child passing by disturbs this most delicate of diabolical transactions?

Plus five more tales sure to leave you repeating, “this is only fiction, this is only fiction, please let this only be fiction...”

The Last Gig on Earth is a collection of Kevin's work before founding Strangehouse books. Sometimes we all have a normal side.
  • The Last Gig on Earth is like a Nightmare on Elm St. meets Airheads when a band is haunted by some mythos creature. 5 stars.
  • A Killer's Road is great plague story. A man catches his wife cheating, death follows on a clean get away, no life.
  • The Hairy Chicken is the legend of Traeloteph, a giant man eating bird, and a great read.
Horror and Lovecraft readers recommend! Check this out you won't be let down or eaten by some strange Kevin imaginary monster.

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