Laugh out loud with Thunderbird (#bookreview)

Thunderbird by Jon Konrath 
Paperback, 186 pages
Published June 7th 2013 by Paragraph Line Books


Absurdist writer Jon Konrath returns with another collection of hilarious and demented flash fiction. Descend into a manic world of Kafkaesque insanity and paranoia including FDA drone strikes against weight-loss clinics, amputee porn, a celebrity kickboxing match between Yo Yo Ma and Manuel Noriega, and hobby shop exorcisms. The author of the cult classic Rumored to Exist continues his surreal nonlinear journey through a nightmarish terrain of Jeff Spicoli-themed restaurants, indian casino abortion clinics, and an apocalyptic landscape laced with insane humor and nonstop non sequitur references to pop culture, medical technology, military machinery, and extreme heavy metal. This collection of 26 short stories and flash fiction pieces explores the human element through deranged comedy in what demonstrates Konrath's bizarre style of experimental writing. Bonus: The paperback edition of Thunderbird also includes the short story "The Zombies of Kilimanjaro," an undead parody of the Hemingway classic.


I really didn't want this book to end. I wish it was one of those 365 day calendar things that gives you a word of the day. Instead a quote from this book just to let out a laugh.

The Long John Silver Vinegar Douche Abortion Attempt, Death Metal Taco Bell, Bearded Woman Crapping on Tables.

It's all in here and much more. Jon Konrath is a laugh out loud, rant of pure absurdist literature. Tons of pop culture references that will have you laughing or just saying what the hell did I just read. O need to buy the paperback copy, just so I can say here read this when someone is looking at my bookshelf.

(as posted by Donald on Goodreads)