N is for Nights of Villjamur . . . and New Order (#AtoZChallenge)

The A to Z Challenge is a daily meme posting every day (except Sundays) in April. Check out the list of 1500+ participants below and follow along for 26 days (and 26 letters) of fun. The 2-letter code after each blog name may help narrow your choices - (BO) is Books, (WR) is Writing, (PH) is Photography . . . and, if you're concerned about those NSFW pages, (AC) is Adult Content.

For my theme, I'm going with a little author/title alliteration.

Today's challenge post is brought to you by the letter N, as in Nights of Villjamur by Mark Charan Newton. The first book of Legends of the Red Sun, this is another entry from the to-be-read pile, an apocalyptic epic fantasy that's been compared to the lies of China Miéville and Richard K. Morgan. Newton's tale is set in a world that lies beneath a dying red sun, where an encroaching ice age threatens all, and where human and non-human races alike vie for supremacy.

The musical accompaniment for the day comes to us courtesy of New Order, a new wave band with more than their share of hits, but who will be forever remembered for the classic Blue Monday.


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  1. I came for the New Order. Good choice for N!

  2. Whoa!! Blue Monday - wait until you see my post for tomorrow. For O.


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