Bradley Sands Talks Bizarro (INTERVIEW & REVIEW)

Please join us this morning in extending a warm welcome to Bizarro author Bradley Sands, a gentleman who writes absurdist comedies that demolish the walls of reality. The author of half a dozen books and multiple short stories, not to mention the editor of Donald Armfield's The Alpha Wolf Bent Me Over, he sat down to chat with none other than Donald himself, who also shares a few reviews of Bradley's work.

What kind of mood do you like to be in, when you are writing, Music chioice if any, What do you drink, etc?

A good mood, obviously. Not depressed. Sometimes music is too distracting. Other times I like to listen to fast-paced instrumental music. Vocals usually distract me too much unless they’re in a language that I don’t understand. Right now Front Line Assembly’s AirMech has been working out well for me. It’s a video game soundtrack. As far as what I like to drink while writing: water. I always drink coffee before I start though.

Besides the word "Bizarro," what do you consider your writing style?

I give a lot of focus and attention to my writing style. As far as genres, I write absurdist humor. Black comedies. Lately I’ve been fond of using teenage protagonists, so my writing has been a bit young adult-y if you define young adult books by the age of their characters.

What is your favorite of the books you wrote?

Rico Slade Will Fucking Kill You. He’s also my favorite character. It’s fun to satirize action movies. There should be more stuff coming up with him in the future.

What is next for Bradley Sands?

I’m working on a novel called Dodgeball High. It’s about a teenager who moves to a new town and starts at a new school, which he discovers is entirely devoted to learning about and playing dodgeball.

Do you still do editing for Bust Down The Door and Eat All the Chickens.... and are there any other works you edited recently

Bust Down the Door and Eat All the Chickens isn’t publishing issues anymore (it was a literary journal that published absurd and surreal stories). I work as a freelance editor as well as a staff editor for Eraserhead Press, where I edit the New Bizarro Author Series. I’m working with a few authors at the moment. The details about my freelancing can be read here:


TV Snorted My Brain
by Bradley Sands

I remember when TV was in my daily routine now I could go without. Before it snorted my brain.

Plastic zombies, talking thingabobs like a Marilyn Monroe ass hair, an adventure with a remote control and more smunnies you could shake a carrot at. Its all tied together with Bradley Sands laugh out loud romp.

Kinda reminded me of Stay Tuned with Jack Ritter (RIP). Was waiting for his appearance at some points as the story unfolded.

A boys farther dies and leaves behind a remote control that controls TV Land. The becomes King and New Dad takes over the adventure for the holy Grail and a little sister with a pink Magic wand. "Little bunnies playing with squeaky toys" beware of those magic words.

More laughs from the man who brought us Rico Slade, the man who ruins orgies the one and only Bradley Sands.


Please Do Not Shoot Me in the Face: A Novel
by Bradley Sands

Please Don't Shoot Me In The Face is bigger than the Bible, the best book you'll ever read and that's quote from Little Boy Detective Frankie Nougat.

Bradley Sands ask us to read this novel, that wants to be a novel and find the theme. Or heck with it and have some laughs. From the case of the missing heart to the Cheesequake Smash-Up and ending the novel (or is it?) with the bizarre story of Apocalypse Ninja you will remember the bizarro man himself Bradley' Sands.

Overall my favorite part of Novel, or my most favorite of the three novellas is cheesequake smash-up. A video game like no other with a cast of characters from hit TV show The Office, but with a Mr. Sands dialogue and description.


Sorry I Ruined Your Orgy
by Bradley Sands

Bradley Sands is a Bizarro author with such titles; Rico Slade Will Fucking Kill You, Please Don't Shoot Me In the Face. Including others. And this book of flash fiction with laughs of bizarre tales that will leave you with a taste for more.

Temporomandibular, Giraffes and a strange Lunch Date with Adolf Hitler. A Texas Cowboy, alligators in space. Is just some of the things that Sands uses to tie knots of laughter with.

All these short fiction pieces are worth a read. Some of my favorites are: The two stories of the time traveling giraffe, The Lunch Date, The Laundry Room and Scenes from the life of a Greeting Card Designer.


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