The Insecure Writer's Support Group - 2013 Edition

The Insecure Writer's Support Group is a once-monthly blog hop hosted by Alex J. Cavanaugh that provides authors with an avenue to share their doubts and concerns (without fear of appearing foolish or weak), and to offer one another assistance and guidance. It’s a safe haven for insecure writers of all kinds!

Every first Wednesday of the month we gather to connect with one another and share our insecurities.

For me, the fresh start represented by 2013 is less about insecurity and more about uncertainty. I have three manuscripts out there waiting for feedback - a novel and two short stories - with responses on all three due back this month. It's definitely nerve-wracking, but not in the way many people might expect. It's not so much a fear of rejection or even the prospect of disappointment that nags at me. I've been rejected before, I've been disappointed in the past, and I find I deal with it a bit better every time.

Instead, what bothers me so is my own impatience in being able to get the manuscripts back out there, shopping them around to another market, and finding one that might be more responsive. I can (almost) wait forever for a YES, but if it must be a NO, then I'd rather it be quick, so that I don't lose my own momentum. There's an excitement in being able to put that final period on a story, in being able to declare it finished, and I want to push it, promote it, and share that enthusiasm. I know from experience that the longer the wait, the harder it is to motivate myself again when the time comes, and I don't want to sabotage my own efforts.

In the meantime, I still need to polish off one of my long-lingering short stories (I think I've finally found the 'hook' around which to wrap the tale), and get cracking on my new novel.


  1. Keeping busy and productive would keep momentum going, like working on that short story. Agree about the no, though - just let me know so I can move on.

  2. Wow! You have lots of projects going on at once. I do that too, but I only have one in the near finish stages. I agree with you on the no, because it's easier to move forward if it comes quickly. Best of wishes with all your writing!

  3. Waiting is tough. Focus and keep busy with things you can work on. It helps with the wait and keeps you productive.

  4. I hate the waiting part, so I just keep on writing. I've got 4 novels out there (one due to get back to me two days ago) with various publishers. One I have a lot of hopes for, one has been rejected so often I think I'm just oersisting now out of sheer bloody-mindedness, and the other 2 are new ones, so it'd be good to get feedback.

    But, yeah, keep on writing, keep your mind off the waiting.


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