Stalkers Drink Free by Mike Ronny (REVIEW)

A quick, darkly humorous read, Stalkers Drink Free puts a contemporary spin on a familiar tale . . . one that I won't mention for fear of spoiling the story. Fortunately, even looking back, it's easy to see where Mike Ronny strayed from the source material, turning the story back on itself to make it his own.

In Ronny's version, we experience the sinister plot through the eyes of the victim, giving the whole scenario an edgy, paranoid feel. In fact, it's not until the very end that we realize what exactly has happened, a twist reveal that brings it all home. Really, it's a story that could have worked with any public figure or profession, but making John a stand-up comedian gives the whole story a self-referential, sarcastic bite.

Nicely paced, with some good dialogue, and a small cast of supporting characters, Stalkers Drink Free makes the most of its length by keeping the story (and the tension) tight.