Some Highlights of Clive Barker's Facebook Q&A

For those of you who missed it, Clive Barker did a live Q&A on his official Facebook page this weekend. If I learned one thing from the experience, it's to follow along on a full version of Facebook - his answers got completely lost within my Blackberry App, but I was able to review them at my leisure over breakfast this morning.

Here are a few of the juiciest tidbits regarding the future that he had to share:

Have you or will you write a sequel to EVERVILLE?
Yes, there will be a third book of the art.

Will there be more to Galilee's story? I was particularly touched by that novel. Love all your work!!!
Yes, there is a second Galilee novel which will be the great battle between the families. As an aside, I have seldom talked about Galilee, mainly because people haven't asked about it. But it's a book I love very much, and is rooted in a lot of research in the Carolinas, at civil war sites and of course on the island of Kauai where the Geary women have their vacation love nest, in which only one man ever visits. That man of course is Galilee.

Do you have a rough estimation for when Abarat IV will be finished?
Yes I have an estimation but I am superstitious about saying things like that for fear of calling down the wrath of the writing gods who punish the confident with a slap on the face and a dry pen.

"Scarlet Gospels" - what stage is it on? Mark is supposed to be working on it - is he doing it?
The Scarlet gospels is half way done, but contains a lot of very dark and controversial material which will take much more work before its ready for publication. I believe it will be quite an interesting subject for debate in the vatican when its published.

"Black Is the Devil's Rainbow", are the stories written? What halts the book?
Black is the devils rainbow is not only a short stories but also poems. Most of the material is written, the problem is the order in which the order in which my publishes want to release books. And they feel strongly that I should deliver every par t of the Abarat quartet before we move on to another project.

Clive I heard that a studio bought the movie rights to an Abarat movie. Is there any progress on the movie?
I am very optimistic that we will have news about an Abrat Movie at some point in the future. But my Irish italian ancestry makes me a superstitious sun of a bitch, and I sdon't want to spoil our chances make something com to frution by getting to cocky or certain about any future posibitlies. Let me say this; if there is any project of mine which seems to holler " film me! film me!" It would be the Abarat books. There as you all probably know FIVE in total. The scale of the story expands exponentially as we move towards the cosmic climax of those five books. It's going to be an incredible challenge for the filmmakers who take on the project to create the mystical visions and transfigurations that the whole journey of the abrat books is taking us towards.

Will there be a book made with you pictures?
There are plans for large scale books that will contain both my paintings and photography. I want them to be as beautifully printed and as comprehensively curated as possible. So, they may be a little while to come to completion. Russell Chrrington who is the grand master curator of my paintings, and (one of the nicest mans in the world!) has been at work for a while on creating the definitive guide to the development of my work as an artist, which for many people has come as a surprise. I think most readers had no knowledge of my life as painter, nor had I sought any attention or had intended to draw attention to that area of my work. its only when i realized that people really liked it and that I could, and that seeing my paintings gave pleasure to people that I started to take care of drawings that I made. And incited a few people that I trusted completely like Russell and Phil and Sarah stokes, and to the man sitting by my side Alex, to guide me and advise me about how to bring the images that I make to people all over the world.

He also shared some great thoughts regarding his inspiration and his writing process so, if you're so inclined, pop on over and check out the Q&As posted to his wall.