A Trinity of Twisted Tinsel Tales Tidbits

Welcome to today's instalment in Twisted Tinsel Tales!

Over the course of the week I'll be putting a horrific / humorous twist on the season, featuring book reviews, interviews, top 13 lists, guest posts, and odd facts about the holiday. It's all very twisted and terrible, and definitely not traditional, but it's all in good fun. Please join us for a daily antidote to the sugary spiritual sweetness of the season, and enjoy a few guilty pleasures along the way.

We wrap up this weekend with a second helping of Twisted Tinsel Tales tidbits - some weird and interesting facts about the holidays:
  1. Estimates in the USA alone have over 400,000 friends and family members becoming sick each year from those beloved, but tainted, Christmas leftovers.
  2. It turns out that between 7% all mall Santas are guilty of such crimes as indecent exposure, assault, solicitation. While that's lower than the overall average of about 9% in the USA, it's still just a tad bit creepy.
  3. Each Christmas across North America over 1,000,000 (yes, that's one million) tons of trash is generated from wrapping paper and gift bags. Europeans add another 740,000 tons of trash to that pile.


  1. These have been great! Keep them up!

    I'm hanging out for the worst of Christmas songs... or the funniest:

    (And while I'm doing the free plugs, how about:


    1. Just when I was about to point out you missed his classic, Christmas at Ground Zero, you go and double up on the Weird Al. Nice!


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