The Alpha Wolf Bent Me Over by Donald Armfield (REVIEW)

I first got to know Donald Armfield as a sergeant in the Bizarro Brigade, so I knew that whatever he sent me to read wasn't going to be your average, run-of-the-mill, mainstream bit of fiction. I expected it to be a bit strange, to toy with some taboos, and to dispense with any sort of rigid narrative structure.

Well, The Alpha Wolf Bent Me Over is pretty much exactly what I expected, the literary equivalent of an 80s slasher flick, but with the sex gratuitous and the violence suggestive, rather than the cinematic reversal.

Miranda is a sexually frustrated virgin, the kind of good girl who usually finds herself at the centre of these tales. Her best friends are a pair of sexually liberated twin girls, so exaggerated in their promiscuity that they'll sleep with anything that moves - including one another. Much of the story revolves around the sisters expressing themselves, leaving Miranda's frustrations to mount alongside them.

Eventually, we get to the heart of the tale, a campfire urban legend about an Alpha Wolf who stalks the woods, looking for a young virgins to abduct and abuse. There's an old diary, found buried in the dirt, to corroborate the tale, along with the standard sole survivor who came back to tell the tale of those who had gone missing before her. Where the twist comes in is that, instead of cowering in their cabins, terrified of the big bad Alpha Wolf, Miranda decides to don her best little Red Riding Hood outfit and traipse off into the woods, looking for it.

Perverted, and deliberately over the top, The Alpha Wolf Bent Me Over is an interesting read for anybody who watched those 80s slasher flicks and groaned every time the camera panned away from the 'good parts'.


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