Interested in collaborating with Clive Barker? Hell yeah!

From the official Clive Barker Facebook page:

Calling all writers, poets and filmmakers. Here's your chance to collaborate with Clive Barker. Take a look! Submissions begin next week!

400 Word Submissions
60 days
16 Deadlines
8 Chapters
8 Works of Art
6 Short Films
3 Poems
1 Incredible Story

Clive Barker starts us off with the Prologue for Odyssey II and selects the submissions for the final books. The ultimate creative challenge to produce the ultimate deviantART book.

Say all you want about Barker's erratic work ethic (there are several long-gestating works-in-progress he's teased that I would kill to read), but this is a cool concept. As the site says, only *CliveBarker’s prologue has been revealed. Deviant artists, writers and filmmakers are now called upon to conjure the rest of this story to life.


  1. Wow, sounds like a cool gig there. Thanks for the heads up on this. I am going to check it our further.


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