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Okay, I admit it - the zombie craze has largely passed me by. As an old-school horror fan, I tend to be a bit stuck in my ways . . . and my genres. For me, zombies bring to mind memories of the original Night of the Living Dead (which I always found interesting, but dated) and cheese-fests like Return of the Living Dead: Part II (which was embarrassingly fun, but still cheesy) and Dead Heat (which, for some reason, I still love to encounter on late night TV).

The only zombie movie to have a profound impact on me was The Serpent and the Rainbow, but the appeal of that one was more its 'reality-based' Voodoo origins than zombie horror (and it was never one of my favourite Wes Craven flicks).

The other reason I've been reluctant to allow myself to be dragged into the zombie craze is that I'm afraid to see another monster go the way of the vampire - sanitized, romanticized, and humanized. Like I said, I'm a old-school horror fan, and I like my monsters . . . well, monstrous. I'm not completely blind to the potential contained within a good story, however, and have made note of a few zombie books that seem (on the surface, at least) to contain some old-school horror potential:

So, what about you? Got a recommendation for an old-school horror fan who refuses to ever read about a sad, reluctant, zombie in love?


  1. I can only think of zombie movies:

    *The Blind Dead series (dated, but with an atmosphere you won't find anywhere else)
    *Nightmare City (also dated, but guilty fun)
    *All of Fulci's zombie movies (classics in the genre)
    *Zombie 4 - After Death (guilty fun)
    *The Children Of Ravensback (zombie kids)

    Seen any of these?

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  2. I agree that THE SERPENT AND THE RAINBOW was an excellent zombie film! I'm not a big zombie fan myself, and I liked the realistic take on it (based on a true story and all that). Great post!

  3. Serpent and the Rainbow had one scene I can never watch again.
    Best zombie movie I've seen in the past few years has been Zombieland.

  4. Hello!

    Sorry for my late comment. I just returned from my Canadian trip.

    As for me, I adore zombies. I have two favorites:

    1. Night of the Living Dead

    2. Dawn of the Dead the 2004 version.

    Love them both!


    Litra: Book 1 of The M Series

  5. Shaun ofThe Dead is my all-time favourite :)


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