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I cut my literary teeth on horror, diving right into the likes of Stephen King (Pet Semetary), Clive Barker (Books of Blood), and Richard Laymon (One Rainy Night). As a result, it's no surprise that I prefer my horror to be shocking, dangerous, and on the edge. When a book makes me pause, lay it down, and take a step back to gather my senses, I know I've got something on my hands with real potential. Give me weird, cultish, and borderline obscene over safe any day.

Unfortunately, horror took a definite turn towards the safe side of things during the 90s and beyond, putting aside the shock value of the 80s for something with more teenage shelf-appeal. I actually drifted away from horror for a time because I was bored of what was being put out. It wasn't until the self-publishing and indie-publishing revolution began, piggybacking on the e-book revolution, that I began to find horror that appealed to me again. Two of my favourite things to emerge from that revolution are the rise of the Bizarro genre and the resurrection of the Splatterpunk genre, so here are a few selections from my TBR shelf:

So, what about you? Got a recommendation for an old-school horror fan who prefers books with a little edge?


  1. My new novella is edgy. I worried what my editor would think when she read it. I have a bizarre mind.

    I'm currently reading zombie books, but I'm not happy with them so far. Waiting for a really good one.

  2. I really enjoyed Edward Lee's "Ghouls." Also, I understand that pretty much any Jack Ketchum story is pretty extreme, but also good. He's on my TBR list.

  3. Great recommendations! I also prefer old-school horror, although I like the psychological over the gory.

  4. I like Jolie have also been reading mostly Zombie books but one recent book that kind of stood out from the rest is "Pray to Stay Dead" it definitely takes a few weird turns that you may enjoy.



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