GUEST POST with Gianna Perada (author of Blood Life)

The Battling of the Muses
by Gianna Perada

Last night I got to thinking how crazy must I sound to people when they ask me about the next book I’m writing. First, I tell them that the next book is actually Book One in the vampire series I’m working on. “What?” Then I try to explain to them how Devendra, the heroine of Blood Life, kept chattering at me (picture my arms up next to my face mimicking chattering mouths with my hands), keeping me up at night until I agreed to write her story? Crazy much? Seriously, when I say it out loud, I do feel like I sound a little nuts, especially in the moment of silence it produces to the unknowing or understanding person. There’s a look in their eye, a faint glimmer of a question, but it never comes.

Do I really care if they think I’m weird? No. I mean in all honesty, as a writer, I know this is normal behavior. I realize that without Devendra’s constant chattering, I’d have no story. Doesn’t matter how creative I think I am or can be, without her as an inner voice, a character to channel, I’d more likely be a dry well. I have everything to thank her and the other characters for. They help my stories come to life. I don’t write outlines; I sit at my computer, wait for them to make an appearance, and my fingers move to their rhythm. Period.

Also, yesterday, it occurred to me that Z is trying to fight her way into the forefront. Z is a character from a completely different story called The Butcher’s Daughter. And she’s resurfacing too soon, as that book isn’t planned until late 2013 or so; Devendra is at center stage in my mind just now. Z is not a vampire or witch. There are still paranormal elements to her story because she is a gifted psychic profiler for the San Francisco Police Department’s homicide division (specializing in serial killings)… BUT SHE IS YET TO COME!

Her story is only in the infant stages, a whisper in my mind’s eye, sitting in the to-write filing cabinet. And although extremely important and close to my heart, Z needs to wait her turn. What to do, though? She’s been very demanding. She threw out some great ideas yesterday as I was having my eyebrows threaded (nice timing!) and I did not write them down if nothing else but to tell her NOT NOW. And as I sit here thinking about it, refusing to give her that moment to write down her musings only hurt me. I wonder if she will repeat herself?

But, alas, I still have two vampire books to write before I can get to her story. Unless I take a break after Devendra and piss off my readers by making them wait an extra year before Vampire Book Three comes out. Dare I chance it?



Blood Life is a vampire/witch thriller full of blood, magic, love, violence, and sex. The witches and vampires of the fictional world of the Spectrum have united and created a race of half-breeds called the Combined. These are very powerful entities, but their race has been threatened by a rogue vampire with very old, powerful blood named Lokee, son of the Great Witch, Devendra. This story is about letting Fate play out, but in all its turmoil, trying to save one woman who will be the key to saving the Combined.

Can the Combined's strongest adversary form an army to defeat them, or will the power of three keep the race on top? Centered around the lives of four integral characters, Blood Life is a fresh and unique paranormal adventure. Meet Devendra, a powerful witch descended from one of the first lineages; Lokee, her son and worst enemy; Roman, her friend and companion; and Alethea, the key to it all...

Blood Life is a full-length paranormal horror novel that will appeal to lovers of paranormal, dark fantasy, horror fiction, witches, vampires, and supernatural horror.

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Gianna Perada
Growing up in North Beach during the late 70s/early 80s, Gianna Perada fell in love with the written word at the tender age of 7. Her mother bought her a diary that year for Christmas, and instead of using it as a day-to-day ramble-fest, little Gianna used it to pen short stories with dark undertones and clever twists and turns, influenced by two of her favorite TV shows at the time: The Alfred Hitchcock Hour and The Twilight Zone, and her favorite author, Edgar Allen Poe. Along came a fascination with horror films and the supernatural. She began writing Blood Life roughly 15 years ago and has rewritten it about 100 times since, having trouble letting it go. Working for several years as a copy-editor and book layout designer for small publishing houses and authors, she woke up the morning of March 15, 2012, looked over at her laptop, and finally said, "Today's the day I say goodbye to you." And so she did... she's got four cats, a rat dog, and an overwhelming workload. Working on the prequel to Blood Life, slated for release by Halloween, 2012. Stay tuned!

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