The Dark Tower: The Wind Through The Keyhole (Excerpt)

The good folks at Tor have just published a excerpt from Stephen King's upcoming Dark Tower novel, The Wind Through The Keyhole, which takes place between books four and five in the series.

 In King’s own words: “What happened to Roland, Jake, Eddie, Susannah, and Oy between the time they leave the Emerald City (the end of Wizard and Glass) and the time we pick them up again, on the outskirts of Calla Bryn Sturgis (the beginning of Wolves of the Calla)? There was a storm, I decided....” 

 As a HUGE fan of The Dark Tower saga, I've already been salivating over this newest addition for months. I can't say much for the cover (maybe that will grow on me), but the artwork that accompanies the first two chapters has an eerie beauty to it.

You can check out all the details, including the artwork and excerpt, here:  

For those of you counting the days, we still have 4+ months to wait - forget December 25th . . . it's April 24th that can't get here soon enough!