Rather than having a singular genre focus, Beauty in Ruins is a reflection of the imagination, the diversity, and the creativity to be found upon my shelves. Generally, that means a lot of fantasy and horror, adventure thrillers, and the occasional space opera or science fiction. Explicit gore or sexuality is never a problem, and LGBT characters are more than welcome.

Please note that I do not (and will not) read Middle Grade, Young Adult, New Adult or Faith-Based fiction.

Although I rarely close myself off to new titles altogether, my current review backlog has me extremely reluctant to add any new titles into the mix. That said, literary itches I am most likely to find time for include:
  1. Bizarre, kinky, twisted, blasphemous, fetish-fueled reads
  2. Epic or high fantasy novels, complete with elves, dwarves, dragons, and magic swords
  3. Archaeology or paleontology based adventure novels

I've always been old school in that I prefer to hold a bound novel in my hand, especially if it's a big book where I want to flip between chapters, glossaries, and maps, and I find myself drawn to the physical titles even more since my laser eye surgery. I do appreciate the convenience of ebooks, even if I'm less likely to carry my Kobo in the summer months. I prefer the ePub format, but I can work with just about anything except pre-press, print-formatted PDFs that just don't convert cleanly.

Unless I have committed to a tour or a pre-release review, I can’t make any promises as to how long it will take me to get a review posted. I try to juggle my review pile no more than a few months out, but life (and my job) often intervenes to make a mockery of my best intentions.

If you are a publisher looking for advance reviews, or a publicist looking for tour opportunities, please feel free to email me directly (bob [dot] beautyinruins [at] gmail [dot] com).

Otherwise, if you are interested in requesting a review, please complete the form below. Unfortunately, due to the high volume of submissions I cannot guarantee a response, but if the book looks interesting, I will likely get back to you within the week. Even if I can't squeeze in a review at this time, we might be able to look at a guest post or interview.

Before you waste your time filling out the form, don't be a spamhole.