Stacking The Shelves: Week 6 (2022)

Stacking The Shelves is all about sharing the books we are adding to our shelves, whether they be physical or digital. This includes physical books bought, digital books downloaded, and those titles received for review.

Review Titles

A trio of review titles this week courtesy of Berkley, Oblivion, and Tor . . .

Witch 13 by Patrick Delaney is a bloody buzzsaw of a fairy tale, ripe with magic and mayhem, setting up a small-town microcosm only to slowly obliterate it with a gleeful hammer in the form of a monstrous witch, overlaid with a thick black coat of cosmic horror. June 7th 2022 by Oblivion Publishing

All the Seas of the World returns triumphantly to the brilliantly evoked near-Renaissance world of Guy Gavriel Kay, deploying his signature ‘quarter turn to the fantastic’ to tell a story of vengeance, power, and love in a page-turning drama that also offers moving reflections on memory, fate, and the random events that can shape our lives—in the past, and today. May 17th 2022 by Berkley

The Bone Orchard by Sara A. Mueller is a fascinating whodunit set in a lush, gothic world of secrets and magic—where a dying emperor charges his favorite concubine with solving his own murder, and preventing the culprit, which undoubtedly is one of his three terrible sons, from taking control of an empire. March 22nd 2022 by Tor Books

New Acquisitions: Paperback Treasures

Nothing new (or used) this week...

New Acquisitions: Digital Titles

No new additions on the digital front this week...


  1. I have a copy of The Bone Orchard as well, looking forward to starting it!

  2. I like the cover for All the Seas of the World. I hope you enjoy all of these. Have a fantastic weekend!

  3. I'm loving the cover of The Bone Orchard. I hope you enjoy your new books.

  4. I can't wait to read The Bone Orchard, and also thanks for reminding me about the new GGK!

  5. The Bone Orchard cover is beautiful! Hope you enjoy your new books!
    Lisa Loves Literature


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