Scifi Book Review: Revenant by Alex White

Science Fiction Book Review

Author: Alex White
Publication Date: December 21st 2021
Publisher: Pocket Books/Star Trek
Genres: Science Fiction

As much as I generally dislike stories that take characters out of their element - in this case, Jadzia Dax and Deep Space 9 - I enjoyed this. Revenant delves deep into the lives of Dax and the culture of the Trill, and while it's almost completely removed from DS9, we do get Kira, Bashir, and Worf along for the adventure.

The novel works as both science fiction and horror, with a monstrous element that I really can't say much about without getting into spoilers. Alex White tells a story that feels original, while remaining true to the characters and their continuity. The world-building in regards to the Trill is fantastic, successfully building upon the darker aspects introduced during the series run.

In many ways this is a crime novel in a science fiction setting and, to their credit, White does justice to both aspects of the story. There's plenty of suspense here with questions we're anxious to see answered, drama with the conspiracy and conflict between Starfleet and local authorities, and action with the monstrous aspect I mentioned earlier. For a story that takes place mid-series, where we know the main characters will survive, there's still a palatable sense of dread that brings the story to life. 

Maybe not the best Star Trek novel I've read, Revenant is still a welcome addition to Deep Space 9 lore.

Rating: ♀ ♀ ♀