Thriller Book Review: PsycheDeliah by Kite Jenson

Thriller Book Review

Kite Jenson  
Publication Date: Dec 21, 2021
Publisher: Furthest Press
Genres: Thriller

This was utterly absurd and completely preposterous. PsycheDeliah reads like an adolescent revenge fantasy written by someone who has never experienced a power-exchange scene and only co-opted the BDSM community for shock value. 

I began having serious questions about the book when I got to the scene where the grieving husband interrupts a BDSM scene and shoots an innocent submissive in the leg. Never mind her ridiculous lack of fear or her bizarre disregard for an angry gun-toting stranger, SHE GETS OFF ON HER BULLET WOUND! All questions of limits, safewords, and consent aside, 'Ooh, I've been shot, f*ck me harder while I play with my blood' is as insulting as it is unreal. There's pain-play, there's S&M, and then there's just being plain stupid.

The day-after scene, though, is where I lost it altogether. The woman he'd threatened with the gun to gain access to the dungeon, the same woman who had been terrified of losing her position for obeying his commands, suddenly acts like a brainless BDSM fantasy bimbo and throws herself at his feet, pledging to be the eternal slave of a crazy man who already shot another submissive. Submissives are human beings, with thoughts and emotions and a sense of self-preservation, and if you're in a proper power exchange then you HAVE LOYALTIES TO YOUR DOM/DOMME! 'Oh, never mind the threats and gunfire, forget the man I belong to, never mind I don't even know you, but let me suck your c*ck and I'll obey you forever because nobody else matters' is so far beyond insulting that I couldn't read another word.

Add in the husband's total lack of remorse, the fact that he never ever considers the fate of the woman he shot, much less does the natural thing and ask if she's ok, and I was just done - I had to get out before we meet Alex, the transgender character who intrigued me most from the blurb, lest I start getting really angry over what I'm sure is to be further furious mistreatment.

Maybe there's some poorly juggled aspect of satiric irony that I missed, but as a psychological thriller, this falls far shy of the mark. Don't waste your time.

Rating: ZERO

My sincere thanks to the publisher for sending me an ARC in exchange for an honest review.