Stacking The Shelves: Week 48

Stacking The Shelves is all about sharing the books we are adding to our shelves, whether they be physical or digital. This includes physical books bought, digital books downloaded, and those titles received for review.

Review Titles

A quiet week for review titles, but I've got a few requests pending, so fingers crossed!

New Acquisitions: Paperback Treasures

Just the one new purchase this week, a Canadian true-life adventure I just had to pick up after hearing about it on Freaktography, the Canadian Urban Exploration page...

The Whisper On The Night Wind by Adam Shoalts is a spine-tingling true adventure, straight from a land steeped in legends and lore, about what really did emerge from the wilderness to haunt the little settlement of Traverspine in the early 1900s, prompting families to sleep with cabin doors barred and axes and guns at their bedsides.

New Acquisitions: Digital Titles

With a brand spanking new Kobo Clara HD in hand, I did indulge in a small handful of digital downloads this week...

Wild Gold is the first Doc Wilde harem fantasy adventure by Sam Hunter about a man who has gotten in more than a little trouble for operating outside the lines when it comes to hunting ancient treasure, but who finds himself tempted by a gorgeous redhead with an offer to find El Dorado, an adventure that leads him to the sunken city of Atlantis in Wild Fathoms.


Level 1: The Goblin's Lair & Level 2: Hive of the Honey Queen  are the first 2 books of Monster Girl Tower by Jay Aury, an erotic choose your own adventure featuring a busty goblin seductresses, coy catgirls, devilish djinns, busty bee girls, giggling goo girls, cackling kobolds, and more monster sex than you could shake a stick at.

The Honor of Duty by A.R. Rend is an historical fantasy full of graphic violence, an undefined relationships/harem, unconventional opinions/beliefs, and a hero who is as tactful as a dog at a cat show.

Forever Theirs by Anna Stone is a whirlwind of romance and sensual delights beyond your wildest fantasies in which a billionaire executive and her glamorous fashion designer girlfriend set out to make one unassuming woman theirs.


  1. The Whisper on the Night Wind sounds so good! I may have to make time for it😁

  2. Oooh! All of these books sound interesting! Great haul!

    Here’s my Stacking the Shelves!

    Ronyell @ Rabbit Ears Book Blog


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