Erotica Book Reviews: Sunday Smutday #9

Erotica Book Reviews

Sunday Smutday is where we get naughty, nasty, and NSFW between the covers. If that doesn’t sound like your kind of thing, then you should most definitely stop reading now.

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Author: Bryce Calderwood
Publication Date: September 21, 2018 / February 25, 2020 / September 18, 2021
Protagonist Gender: Female
Sexuality: Bisexual
Kink/Fetish: Femdom, Futanari, Hucow, Body Modification

I first discovered the wonderful world of Bryce Calderwood about 6 years ago with Enthralled, the opening chapter in his Futanari Vampire Erotic Romance saga. His imagination is absolutely astounding, and the quality of the writing is even better - if mainstream publishing were more open to such weird, wild, wanton material, he'd be as much a household name as just about anybody in SFF or horror.

How I Became A Futa HuCow is as clever and ambitious as you could ask for in a science fiction novella, the story of a near-future where the growing divide between the lawless and the lawful, the rich and the poor, has led to the establishment of Permanent Autonomous Zones across the USA. Self-governed, with no laws but those by which the inhabitants chose to abide, the PAZs are kind of like cyberpunk/biopunk havens, home to great risks and even greater rewards.

The Ranch opens the series by introducing us to this dangerously attractive new world through Mia, an underground journalist who falls down the rabbit hole of perversion in search of a story. She's chasing the legend of an underground party drink called F Cream, and when she gets invited to a demonstration by Domino, a voluptuous futanari hucow, she discovers just where this addictive new aphrodisiac comes from. Domino is the beneficiary of bizarre body modification, a woman with impossibly large breasts and an even more impossibly large phallus, and the erotic self-bondage to which she submits herself in order to be milked is breathtaking - so much so that Mia finds herself enraptured, her newfound lusts compelling her to chase the F Cream story even deeper.

Transformation is the story of how Mia surrenders herself to the lawlessness of the PAZ, voluntarily becoming a part of Domino's ranch, only to find herself trapped between unimaginable desire and the longing for her lost freedom. We get to see those bizarre body modifications in process, to experience them through Mia's story, and to understand their legacy through the other women of the ranch. The fate to which Mia has consigned herself is to become sexual livestock, property of Domino, and a producer of the fabled F Cream. There is so much messy, sloppy, over-the-top sexual excess to this chapter, but there are also some wonderful personalities that humanize the story. Calderwood explores questions of identity and purpose, and Mia coming to question her desires is chilling.

The Escape explores the dangerous fate in store for Mia, one where she's even more of an experiment than the other women, and something of a threat to Domino herself. It's a rather melancholy chapter in many ways because the friendships between the women of the ranch are so wonderfully crafted, which makes Mia's determination to betray them a difficult on us as her. The escape itself is a perfect scene, and I loved the way Calderwood contrasted so many thoughts and desires. Nothing comes cheaply in the PAZ, however, and Mia soon finds herself a prisoner of a different sort, the newest doll in a cyber doll whorehouse. This is, by far, the most thoughtful of the three stories, and the way it takes the tease of rabbit holes to plunge us into a literal Wonderland, complete with a Mad Hattress, is brilliant.

How I Became A Futa HuCow is not for everyone, but it has something to delight any reader with an interest in the NSFW depths of the rabbit hole. Like all of Bryce Calderwood's stories, it's perversely imaginative, with acts of sexual excess that will leave you shaking your head in wonder. The very nature of the futanari hucows is wonderfully taboo, and the erotic mechanism of their milking is a thing of BDSM wonder. It's also comfortingly human, with friendships to which we cling and relationships we find ourselves treasuring despite the kink. You can't help by envy Mia's adventures, even as we fear for her future, making us wonder how far we'd go for such a scoop.

Rating: ♀ ♀ ♀ ♀ 1/2

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